Life tips {or not}

While we were on a drive, Mike said look behind us, that’s you and me in a few years. I sure hope that boy is right.

2014-07-24 11.01.29

Street tacos freaking rock my face off. They are even better when you pour every single type of salsa they have over the top. You should do it, all the cool kids are. And PS why do they put raw onions in everything? Don’t they know it’s gross?

2014-07-24 11.23.24

Gentlemen, I am going to give you great life tip: new running/cycling/fitness shoes sometimes go a lot further than diamonds. {Wedding rings are exempt from this statement, nice try though.}

2014-07-24 15.41.43

I love pool running so freaking much! Every time I get in the pool, I think man, it feels so good just to move around. I even sent my doctor an email thanking him for the encouragement to try it.

2014-07-24 18.11.32

These chile limon chips are in my top 4 favorite chips ever. Wanna start a pool on how long this bag will last?

2014-07-24 19.12.57

Whew, I had 12 minutes to write this post and I still have 2 minutes to spare. Now I know it is going to be a great day!

Chip lovers, what are your favorites?

Foods you don’t like?

Your best life tips {or not}?



This is why my husband should not be allowed to own a smart phone.

2014-07-21 12.00.31

This is what it looks like when I’m writing a blog post.

2014-07-21 19.53.18

These are what I am rocking today and that makes me supa happy.

2014-07-07 14.53.44

This is what too soon looks like. No, just no Costco.

2014-07-21 11.41.16

This is what balance looks like. PS We shared the fries. Winking smile

2014-07-23 11.21.09-2

This is what we saw on our afternoon drive yesterday.

This is what I saw the other evening after work.

2014-07-22 16.56.43

Fill in the blank: This________________


The truth about blogging

This post has been in the making for a long time, but it can be a touchy subject so it’s taken me awhile to write in such a way that keeps it real but also to shows you sometimes there’s more to blogging than snapping a couple pictures and telling a story.


The blog life isn’t all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that us bloggers don’t really talk about. Today I want to share a little about my experience with being a blogger. Keep in mind I am not an expert but it is something I genuinely enjoy 98% of the time.

I want to scratch the surface and in true SCB style, I’m keeping it real.

  • Sometimes I find myself living through my iPhone lens. Photography is a big passion of mine, but at times I don’t feel like I am living in the moment.

Just look 

    • Sometimes I wake up and think, crap I don’t have anything to blog about. I always come up with something but thankfully it’s not a feeling I have often.
    • I blog for you and myself. I love sharing bits and pieces of my life with you and at the same time, preserve some memories in a way that I will hopefully always have.
    • There has to be a balance between being positive and keeping it real. Nobody’s life is perfect and one of my biggest blogger pet peeves is reading drippy sweet, sugar coated blogs. Keep it classy, keep it real.
    • Trolls. I just don’t get how someone you don’t even know can dislike you so much. But then I remind myself that it’s not my problem if they hate me and then I go play on the beach.
    • Blogging has exposed me to some really cool opportunities. Working with brands I already use and love. And finding new products I didn’t even know about but have grown to love are just some of the many perks to being a blogger.
    • On the flip side, working with PR companies. Let’s be real here, I usually don’t like working with them but I will on very rare occasions.

I get PR pitches just about every day that want me to promote products + brands. Most of the time they do not naturally align with the blog. I consider SCB a running + life blog. So no, your deer antler extract or weight loss pills or new fangled energy drink are not going to make it on the blog.


The job of PR companies is to get their clients products + brands as much exposure for as little as possible. For example: I had one contact me to try out a new, cute fitness apparel line that piqued my interest. Until I read they wanted to send returnable samples.

So let me get this straight, you want me to promote your brand to my very loyal readership that took years to build and that I value way more than any brand, for free? Sure let me jump right on it. <-I hope you are sensing my sarcasm}. Oh yah, then I’m gonna box up the cute clothes and send them back too!?!

There are 2 types of bloggers I guess. Whores & Sluts. Before you get your thong in a wad, hear me out. Sluts give it up for free, and whores get paid. At least let me keep the outfit after I promote it.

Look, I don’t expect to make millions from blogging, but my hobby now has overhead. I look for ways to supplement that with my readership in mind, which is why you occasionally see a sponsored post and advertising on the sidebar. I don’t have any control over the ads, but I do for sponsored posts and I am very picky about which brands I choose to work with. But hat’s a whole other post in in itself.

Whew, I didn’t expect to ramble on about that but I get a little passionate about the blog and you guys.

Bloggers, what are your thoughts?

Non bloggers, what are your thoughts? Winking smile

It’s time to ask you, what you would like to see on SCB? More pictures of Bam?

2014-04-08 18.56.25 


22 things you might not know about me

2014-02-16 15.06.53

1. There is about a 100% chance that whatever you tell me, I will tell Mike.

2. I do not like watching new movies or going to the movies. Mike has to bribe me and it’s usually with coffee.

3. I really really really want another Jack Russell or two. I already have names picked out. I can just see it now, let’s go Crash, Boom and Bam!

4. Only problem is I will probably be served divorce paperwork the following day.

5. I secretly hope Mike orders fries when we eat out so I can steal them.

2014-07-21 17.06.25-2

6. I got another cortisone shot yesterday and did not act like a girl this time. Not because he used a tiny Botox needle or anything like that. Nope.

7. I grew up eating Spam, Spaghetti-O’s, canned tamales and fried bologna. Today I still wonder how I ate that stuff and lived. Gross.

8. My uncle Charlie is grumpy mc grump pants {you think I am being mean, I am not. Even he knows it) but one of my favorite childhood memories is every Friday we’d eat salami, nacho cheese Doritos and Pepsi together after he got home from work. It was totally worth the stomachache. 

9. Lu went back home Sunday and I miss her so much. I am already counting down the days until Thanksgiving. 128 days in case you were wondering.

10. Costco has Christmas ribbon out and now I want to boycott them, but they have my favorite coffee & creamer. #firstworldproblems

11. I really love our friends here. They are the kind of folks who make you think wow, they just don’t make folks like you these days.

12. Bam barks every time he hears Mike backing his truck in the driveway. If I am sleeping he won’t make a sound. Even he knows how evil I am when woken up.

13. I tell Mike all the time if we retire right here in this house, I would be sooo happy.

14. I miss my little grandma. Like a lot.

15. My pet peeves are control freaks/micro managers, those who feel the need to tell others how to live as if they know what’s best for you and people who don’t stand up for themselves.

16. I listen to country music and Frank Sinatra all the time. I basically go from the Michael Buble and Justin Moore stations on Pandora.

17. Mike is trying really hard to get me to jump ship and get a Galaxy S5. The camera is a huge selling point, but I don’t want to want to miss out on the iPhone 6 upgrades. What if I like it better and I’m stuck in a contract?

18. Ben + Jerry’s red velvet cake ice cream is my second favorite flavor.

2014-07-05 13.38.17

19. My arms are super long. Mike jokes that my knuckles drag on the floor when I walk.

20. If you meet me you probably wouldn’t guess I am an introvert. But you would definitely know that I am socially awkward.

21. I was once addicted to nasal spray. Yes, it’s true and super funny at the same time. I think I even wrote a post about it but I’m too lazy to search for it.

22. I have developed a love for wine since we moved to Monterey.

I want to get to know you guys, so please tell me a little (or a lot!) about yourselves. Feel free to link to your blog if you have one or your favorite social media account.


Last day

Good Monday morning! I hope you had a fantastic, relaxing, fun filled weekend.

2014-07-20 12.08.41

Lu went back yesterday so we let her decide how her last day was spent. She loves photography so she wanted to climb rocks and explore tide pools. I have no idea where she got this from. Winking smile


Crabby patty, anyone?

2014-07-20 12.16.20

2014-07-20 09.49.14

#calineedsnofreakingfilter #ever

2014-07-20 12.14.04

2014-07-20 11.39.28

I may not be able to run yet, but holy barnacles, climbing rocks is a serious workout. I should start a new beach rock climbing workout craze and make millions.

2014-07-20 13.09.58

2014-07-20 11.54.36

This cute little guy was quite the smack talker, no wonder he didn’t have any friends around. Winking smile


2014-07-20 09.48.26

We spotted a diver along the coast. How cool is that!?

2014-07-20 09.59.27

Don’t worry ‘bout me, just tanning ma belly.

2014-07-20 09.41.43

2014-07-20 09.54.51

I really enjoyed our time with Lu and we already miss that girl so much. Until next time, kid!

Tell me all about your weekend.

What’s on your workout plan this week?

I’m hoping to pool run and ride 2 days each. Let’s hope I can carve out time with the busy week I have ahead.



This morning I made a cup of coffee, sat down on the couch then we got a phone call from our friends inviting us to check out humpback whales that were just off the coast eating anchovies. We chugged our coffee, quickly got dressed and met them.

2014-07-19 10.00.58

Sadly by the time we got there the whales were gone but we still enjoyed a great morning climbing rocks, exploring tide pools, watching sea otters playing with each other in the kelp and eating abalone for breakfast through binoculars. Oh and a peacefully snoozing sea lion on a rock. It was REALLY neat and totally made my day!

It was low tide, the ocean was calm, with no wind and it was warm. An unexpected perfect morning.

2014-07-19 09.38.06

I may have saw some runners and yelled don’t break your sesamoid. Maybe. Then Mike may have said how would you know, you have never broken your sesamoid. This is all hypothetical. Totally.

2014-07-19 10.12.56

After exploring, we for coffee and cinnamon rolls in Pacific Grove. We are lucky to have found such great friends that accept us for who we are. We are comfortable and are ourselves with them and I’m pretty sure the feel the same way. Smile

2014-07-19 10.45.47

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the house, getting ready to BBQ burgers that I kinda sorta roped Mike into making. In my defense Lu and I would starve to death if it weren’t for the boy and his super awesome cooking skillz.


Backing up to yesterday, I had a work meeting, so Lu went with me to explore and take pictures while I was in the meeting. Turns out it was canceled at the last minute. So we had to work on life long dream of becoming beach bums instead.


 2014-07-18 14.38.57

2014-07-18 14.31.45

2014-07-18 15.07.33

I better go help the boy prep for the dinner I volunteered him for. I hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!

Good luck to those racing this weekend!!

Who is the cook in your home?

Fill me in on your Saturday morning.


We do summer buttcation right

Who’s doing the Friday dance with me? It’s been a long but fun week but I’m ready to hang with my boys and the Lu. It’s her last weekend here so we are going to have to eat ice cream and sour gummy worms for dinner to celebrate a great summer buttcation.

I got my PT session in early and it was gorgeous for us girls to get out of the house, so we put the top down and drove along the coast. We made lots of stops, climb rocks, snapped pics, outran/hobbled rogue waves, well I did, Lu took one for the team, and took in the salty sunshiny air.

2014-07-17 15.01.05

2014-07-17 15.16.27

We saw a pair of dolphins swimming along the shoreline which was super cool! Two sea lions even stopped to pose for us.

2014-07-17 15.03.27

I have a thing for waves splashing against rocks, so we found my new favorite place for the perfect nature show. We climbed some rocks then sat and waited. The next 4 shots were taken consecutively without any editing.

2014-07-17 15.08.01

2014-07-17 15.08.02-1

2014-07-17 15.08.02-2

2014-07-17 15.08.03

Mike Googled how to make a gif and made this.


And I made this video for you.

Pebble Beach, CA


I can’t wait to get back into pool running. Working a couple days and having a headache for 3 days sucked the life out of me. Though I bet taking 12 Advil within 24 hours was not the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Anyway I am beyond ready to get my workout on!

Has anyone tried pool running? What do you think?

What are 5 things you plan to do this weekend?

Anyone on vacation or going on one? Tell me all about it.


Find things you are passionate about and DO them

Our conversations with Lu about life and her future has me thinking about things I wish I knew and lived by 15+ years ago.

My life is far from perfect, but my 30’s have been the best years so far. It seems like every year keeps getting better. Growing up people would tell me that high school was going to be the best years of my life. Maybe that was true for them, but it most definitely was not the case for me. I know it might not last forever, but for now I am enjoying life and the way I choose to live it right now.

  • I finally feel at peace with who I am and the direction I am heading. I think we all go through that ‘life in limbo’ stage. You know, the time where you’re not sure which career path you want to take, where you want to live, etc.

2014-01-27 20.14.52

  • Mike and I feel well established, we are home owners, have jobs we love and live in a place we always dreamed of. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact it was more of a pipe dream than anything. Heck, even a year ago we had no clue we would be living along the coast with jobs we love.
  • I truly feel like it’s not my problem if people don’t like me. That may sound a little harsh, but the less I care about those who don’t like me, the more I can focus on those who do. It’s actually a really nice, freeing feeling and I like it that way.

2014-07-17 08.34.27

  • Find things you are passionate about and DO them. I know working with kids isn’t my thing. Now, don’t get your thong in a wad, I’m not a kid hater or anything like that. It’s just not a huge passion of mine. But working with the elderly is! I have some of the best memories volunteering to help Catherine when we lived in the Bay Area. I called her every Wednesday to get her grocery list, which mostly consisted of Pepperidge Farms cookies, Heath Klondike Bars, frozen T.V dinners and avocados. When I dropped them off, I’d keep her company, take her dog Julie for a little walk outside since she stayed indoors and just spent time with her. She became family to me and I was pretty bummed when she passed away, but I knew that was a possibility going into it and I would do it all over again. I still think about her often.
  • If you don’t like your job, create it.


  • Another passion of mine is making folks from all over the world happy. I knew this job was perfect for both myself and the company. Exceeding guests expectations and attention to detail is my forte. Sometimes they don’t even realize they need something until I offer it. One time a group waived me on and said they were fine. I stopped anyway and asked if he wanted a cup of ice for his Diet Coke I knew had been in the sun for awhile. I could tell he was a little shocked but happily said yes, that would be great.

This isn’t a post about how cool I think I am or all the “good” things I do. It’s to encourage you to never stop looking for what makes you insanely happy, what fuels your passion and DO them! It is truly life changing in the best way possible.

PS Cock sauce =


What are you passionate about?

What are your weaknesses?


Virtual coffee date

Happy Wednesday! How’s your week coming along?

I have so much to talk about so if we were having a coffee date here are a few things I would tell you.

  • I finally got to go back to work yesterday. My level of excitement was like a kid on Christmas morning. What a fantastic day to go back, we had NHL players out and they were a blast. Plus hockey is my favorite sport to watch so it was a very fun day.

2014-07-14 15.04.05

  • The other day I got to meet reader, Laura and her super cute kiddos. I got lots of baby snuggles while Lu played cars with R. They came to Monterey for a beach day but apparently the sun didn’t get our request. At one point it started raining. Welcome to summertime at the beach, uh. So we moved the party to the ‘bucks and chatted about life, blogging, fitness and planning their next visit.
  • I would tell you that my doctor rocks Pro Compression socks and loves them. I randomly stopped in to get a work release form filled out and one of the first things he did was show me his new compression socks. He even ordered a couple pairs for his wife. Ha it totally made my day because this nerd loves it when a product speaks for itself.
  • This is the coldest summer I have ever had in my life. It’s been foggy and in the 60’s. The sun sometimes comes out and we need to bust out tank tops + flip flops for a whopping 70. We’re never moving, right cowboy?

2014-07-15 08.57.33

  • Bam told me he is very upset with the quality of his life.
  • Being one of the lucky ones, I got jury duty. I am crossing my fingers they won’t need me.

2014-07-03 16.53.20

2014-07-09 14.51.57

  • I am loving the new Halo Headbands big time. I have been testing them out in the pool, on the bike and times I don’t want to do my fur. Which is pretty much every day in case you’re new around here. They definitely get the SCB seal of approval for both function and fashion. They don’t budge at all.

2014-07-02 13.33.52

  • If we were having coffee, hopefully you are not easily offended because this is what you will probably get.

If we were having coffee, Bam’s treat, what would you tell me?

What product are you currently obsessed with?

What did you have for dinner last night?

Ramen noodle soup with cock sauce.


I didn’t know I needed to hear that

Sometimes all you need is a good conversation with someone who is just so uplifting.

I didn’t expect this injury to be as tough as it has been. It shouldn’t have but it is what it is. The thought of giving up running has crossed my mind a couple of times. Of course I still LOVE running and never truly want to let it go, but I’m just so tired of all of the injuries that come with it. At this point my foot hurts if I look at it. Okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but you know.

I am feeling so much better in such a short amount of time, I was picking my PT’s brain about what the next steps in recovery will be. Luckily he catches onto my Type A ways and gave me a general idea of what the next steps entail: balance and lots of resistance strength training.


Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not quite healed/not yet ready for the strength training stage I’m in that’s kinda getting to me, but I have been feeling discouraged to run again a little more lately.

We are still in the healing and pain management step but in typical SCB fashion I want to move to the next step. Sometimes patience is not my strong point. Mike, you are not allowed to comment about that statement.


After yesterdays session, I mentioned to my PT that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run again. Apparently I made my love for running very clear because the look on his face was like he just saw an alien or something crazy like that.

I’m just so sick of the injuries, I’m not sure I want to run again I said. 

2013-10-06 11.34.11

I don’t remember his exact words but he said something like this:

No, you will run again and I’ll take a picture of you right there on that treadmill as he pointed to it, the day it happens in your Mizuno’s (my love for them must be apparent to). You will come back stronger and better than ever. We will work with you after the pain management/strength training is accomplished so you will be a better runner than you have ever been. You’re gonna comeback and run a half marathon.

I love the half marathon but the last couple years I could never seem to bust past the 10K mark. Turns out when the body mechanics are off, we will hit a wall in our training. Who knew? Winking smile

I’m not sure if he even realizes how uplifting those words were at that specific time. I walked out inspired and a bit more optimistic. It’s crazy how a couple minute conversation can completely change your entire perspective. It means so much to me that someone I barley know would care so much about this little passion of mine and to offer to keep training with me after the barn is rebuilt. 

So yeah, SCB will run again very soon and I’m pretty darn happy about it. But until then I will do my best to live in the moment and be patient with the healing/rebuilding process.

Have you ever thought of giving up on a sport you love? Why?

Have you ever gave up on it all together? Why?

Share an uplifting story.