The best $4.27 I ever spent + bumming it in Big Sur

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Before you do anything else, please watch this video clip of Bam wearing shoes for the first time.  Be sure to check your sound.

Bam da man

Just in case it won’t play, you may see it here.

If that didn’t make you laugh, we can not be friends.  Oh and I am fully aware that I need to clean my house.  Cleaning > running, climbing rocks + doing cartwheels on the beach.

Edited to add I overheard Lu tell Bam “get back inside.  Do you really want other dogs to see you like this?”  <-I freaking love this girl!


Yesterdays spring break adventures took us to Big Sur.  It was foggy the entire day but still a beautiful drive.

We stopped into the River Inn for lunch which was a really good life decision.

2014-04-17 13.10.38

We explored around a little bit, but all agreed the drive was the highlight of the trip.

We stopped to check out the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge on the way home + Lu snapped this.

2014-04-17 13.58.25

I don’t even know why I’m taking pictures this week, she does a much better job.  She’s also a great dish washer, dog walker and trash monkey.  Now I am seeing why people have kids.Winking smile

Because Mike can’t ever stay on the beaten path {another reason why I love that man} he found a dirt road with a warning sign that said something like impassable in wet weather and had to drive down it.

2014-04-17 14.06.34

The views were incredible.

2014-04-17 14.01.30

But I was so happy to be off that bumpy road and have a coffee in my hands.

2014-04-17 14.42.07

The day got even better when I came home to shiny new running shoes!!  Mizuno must have heard about my new love for the Hitogami’s and sent another pair.  I might be giving away a pair soon. Winking smile

Running shoes are 1,000 times better than jewelry. {wedding ring exempt}

2014-04-17 16.04.59

And the folks at Nuun sent a care package with a trucker hat, water bottle + their new Energy tabs!  I am convinced they know I don’t like doing my fur and I need more caffeine in my life.

2014-04-17 15.12.38

Did anyone else get caught off guard with the tablet packaging?  Maybe I’m the only immature one?

New running shoes are better than ___________.

Anyone running the Big Sur Marathon?  Or have ever ran it?


Never growing up. Not not not

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Holy smokes you guys!  Y’all are an amazing, supportive bunch.  Thank you so much for every single comment on yesterdays post.  Mike + I read every single one and they made us smile! 

If there is anything I wish for everyone, women especially is to have a backbone, stand up + fight for yourself.  Don’t be a victim.  You are only a victim if you allow yourself to be.

I’m no expert and I definitely don’t have it all together, but Mike and I have trained for situations like this and there is no way I’d ever had the confidence and ability to do what I did without him.  That’s a whole other post.


We had some last minute company join us.  Our friends Brian + Cindy’s daughter Genna randomly decided to come visit.  Isn’t she the cutest thing ever!?

2014-04-17 07.45.51

Apparently I need to invest in some wrinkle cream.  Sorry world, spending money on running and races > anything else.

Breaking news!!  I’m finally running 4 miles well within the 8 minute average pace.  It’s been a goal of mine to get back to my pre-injury fitness level, {which by the way isn’t really that fast, just fast for me} and I finally feel like I’m making progress.  I swear Tums are magic and I made sure to give my doc a hug for the best run-life advise ever.  He was so stoked he also gave me a double high five.  He is sorta the best!

2014-04-16 18.03.43

Lu and I had big plans to climb rocks and work on our big life goal of becoming beach bums the rest of the day.  We are overachievers like that.

2014-04-16 14.38.43

Lu wanted to share this shot with you.  She made sure to tell me she took it on her iPod without a filter or altering.  Girlfriend’s quite the photographer.   

2014-04-16 14.33.37

So we climbed rocks and ate applesauce crushers because we are refusing to grow up.

2014-04-16 14.27.30

On a side note, Sperry’s are the best rock climbing shoes ever.

After climbing rocks, we decided to check out this trail in Pacific Grove.  We always drive by it, but never stop.  What is wrong with us?

2014-04-16 14.55.57

We walked along it all the way to Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove.  I wish we would have brought Bam because half of the beach is off leash.  Next time buddy.

2014-04-16 15.00.10

It was so beautiful I couldn’t stop snapping pictures. 

2014-04-16 15.01.35

File this under things bloggers do to get the perfect shot.  Pretty sure I’ve reached a new life low. Winking smile

2014-04-16 15.01.39 (2)

Then did some cartwheels on the beach because, well…..why not?

2014-04-16 15.24.34

2014-04-16 15.23.20

Who’s with us on this whole never growing up thing?

What are you current running goals?


Get the f*&% outta here

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This post is about guns.  It is also sheds light on the reasons why I became a gun owner.  If it’s not your thing, go ahead and click that little red X at the top right and swing back by tomorrow.  I’ll be back to normal blogging {whatever that is} tomorrow.


Yesterday evening, while Lu and I were eating dinner, Lu noticed a man trying to get into our side door out front and alerted me. We have two doors in the front of the house.  When I looked up I saw a man dressed in all black with a hoodie over his head walking towards our front door since the side door was locked.  He couldn’t see in the big window because of the reflection, but I could see him.

I jumped up and ran towards the front door, locked the deadbolt and hit it with my fist as hard as I could while yelling get the f— outta here or I’m going to shoot you as loud and forceful as I could.

I saw him walk on the walkway towards my bedroom window which was wide open since it was a nice day out.  I ran into there, grabbed my shotgun and racked one home.  I’m confident that sound by itself is enough to send someone running.  Then I grabbed my .38 special for good measure and called the police.   


After talking to the dispatcher for several minutes, I called Mike who was about 10 minutes away.  He got here before the cops arrived.  The response time for the police to show up was well over 20 minutes.  No joke. 

When time is of the essence, 20+ minutes is far too long to wait unarmed for someone to help me + my family.  Situations like this is the reason I became a gun owner.  I have to protect myself, Lu + our home.

We live near the beach, and over the last few months we have seen more transients in the area.  Even though we live in a nice neighborhood, have an alarm, yard signs, a worthless Jack Russell that just cowered in the corner after I yelled, I rely on me

When the police come to my home and have to draw a chalk outline around a body…….. I’ll make sure it’s not me or the ones I love.



We are Boston Strong

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2014-04-15 08.14.13

{Image courtesy of this lovely lady}

Today we remember, today we run. 

There are no words to express my love of the running community uniting over such a horrible event.  I can’t wait to virtually cheer on thousands of runners at the Boston Marathon this year. 

I feel honored to be apart of this wonderful running community.  Today we stand and run Boston Strong.


Yesterdays run was another freaking awesome one!  I am going to buy stock in Tums, since they have seriously turned my training around in the best way possible.  Funny how something so simple makes a huge difference.

The Wave Hitogami’s are run-life changing as well.  I have decided I need them in every color Mizuno makes and a life time supply of them sent to my door.  #agirlcandream

I did 4.25 miles with some hills thrown in for added self torture and negative splits.  9:15, 9:04, 9:02, 8:54, 2:02.  Boom!

2014-04-14 12.00.36

PS these Pro Compression sleeves are my favorite ones ever.  They go with all of my running gear which is obnoxiously loud just like me and I can wear my favorite running socks.  #bestofbothworlds

Then I spent the rest of the day showing Lu the coolest beach spots.  First stop was Scenic Drive in Carmel.  AKA my favorite drive around here.  Pacific Grove is the second fav and we will totally hit that up this week as well.  Don’t you worry, we will be climbing beach rocks and checking out tide pool at low tide as well.

2014-04-14 14.37.38


2014-04-14 14.36.59

2014-04-14 14.36.51

We hung out at the beach for awhile watching the waves crash, then we hit up Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping.  Lu loves TJ’s so it was fun to watch her pick out treats for the week.  Some of her favorites are BBQ Pop Chips, chili spiced mango + fresh pineapple.

Step mother of the year award goes to me.  Ice cream for dinner and manicures is all it takes to get such an elaborate award.

2014-04-14 17.31.39


Mike sent me this last weekend.  I’m starting to think he’s smarter than I thought. Winking smile

2014-04-14 18.00.17

What do you consider a great run?

Anytime I don’t feel like I’m going to yack, running with fresh legs and feeling like I could go forever.

What did you have for dinner last night?

Do you have step kiddos?


Virtual coffee date: spring break

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Good morning!!  I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend and you’re ready for a brand new week.  Is is spring break where you are?


If we were having a coffee date, here is what I’d tell you. 

  • While I worked yesterday, Mike drove home to pick up Lu.  New readers, Lu is Mike’s daughter and I totally claim her as mine.  <3 She’s here with us for spring break so this is going to be the most awesomest week in the history of ever!  <-yah that is totally a word #inthebookofscb
  • I can’t wait to take her down Scenic Drive, the Carmel dog beach, go beach cruising to Fisherman’s Wharf and a bunch of other trouble we can get into.

2014-01-25 15.57.34

  • I just called our CPA crossing my finger she’s had a chance to do our taxes.  She said they will be done tonight.  Whew, that’s a close one.
  • I’d tell you that I’m a little nervous to find out my $4,000 blood test results.  Yes, 4 freaking grand worth.  Thank goodness for insurance.
  • We heard 2 raccoons fighting in a tree last night and I could not stop laughing.  I freaking love beach living.
  • My inbox is so full with emails + comments, so if I haven’t responded yet, I’ll get to ya. I’ve just been busy living life.  I also LOVE getting emails + comments from you guys, so feel free to send away.  I read every single one!   Smile
  • I had such a great day on Saturday with my boy I didn’t want it to end.
  • I’m really excited about the double road race next month.  Guess I need to do a couple brick run’s.  Run, rest, run. 
  • Bam wasn’t feeling well yesterday, but he’s now back to his normal, crazy self.  I feel so relieved. 
  • Don’t play leap from with a unicorn.  I give great life advise.  Not.
  • If I were rich, I’d fly you all to Monterey to actually have coffee with me,then go for a run and have coffee again.  And I’d buy.

Your turn, if we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


Simple things Sunday: shopping + the good stuff

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Yesterday was one of the nicest, most relaxing day’s Mike + I have had in a long time.  We always have fun, but Mike made it extra special since we were celebrating my Birfday a little early.  It’s on Easter, but I have to work that day, plus I’m not huge on Birfday parties so I’m totally okay with it.

After breakfast + coffee, we went for massages.  This is something we have never done together and Mike has never gone as far as I know.  It was comfortably dark with the window open for fresh air, I enjoyed listening to the world go by.  We even heard a wedding with Michael Buble singing I’ve got you under my skin.  Pretty cool.

I had some gift cards so we roamed around the mall and did a little shopping.

After 11 years he still get’s my door and surprises me.  <3

2014-04-12 16.47.03

The boy also picked out this sexy little number.  I loved it so much I snagged it in black as well.

2014-04-12 15.18.23

Hollister just happened to be next door, and the entire store was 40% off.  So we popped in for a little spring shopping.  I know you are all shocked.  Or not.

2014-04-12 15.56.31

On a side note, does anyone else loathe trying on clothes at the store?  I do, but I don’t like taking stuff back even more.

Then we got all dressed up and went to dinner.  I had a case of butherface and ain’t nobody wanna see dat, but I have to prove to the world I do in fact know how to do my fur and own real people clothes.

2014-04-12 18.06.50

We had reservations and a gift card to Antone + Michele’s in Carmel.

2014-04-12 19.24.12

It was incredibly stunning, our view did not suck.

2014-04-12 18.28.27-1

Mike loves risotto like I love coffee, so we started with roma tomato + corn risotto.  We both liked it and that says a lot because I am usually not a fan.  I think it’s a little too heavy and tasteless.  But I also think Chipotle is fancy so what do I know.

2014-04-12 18.33.33

Mike always orders the best foods so I copied him and went with the peppercorn New York.  Mike thought it was amazing, I thought it was just okay.  And now I’m wondering when I turned into a food snob?  In my defense nothing compares to Mike’s grilling skillz so it’s his fault for setting my super high standards.

2014-04-12 18.56.30

It was an awesome day, shopping is cool + fun but nothing beats hanging with my boy.  I am thankful I get to spend the rest of my life torturing him, our health, family, Bam Bam, our simple little life and everything money can’t buy.  That’s the good stuff friends. <3

When is your Birfday?

Do you like trying on clothes in the store?

What are you thankful for today?


I can’t turn this off + cruising through the Sea Otter Classic Expo

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This girl can’t turn this awesome running streak off!!  That makes 2 in a row.  I know it will end one day, and the tough runs make me stronger but until then I will just ride this wave because I am really digging it and it’s giving me a long overdue little confidence boost. 

I kept thinking to myself I’m built for this ish the entire time.  Running is such a mental sport for me so my state of mind is very important for a great run.  That along with deals I make with myself for iced coffee after.

It was 55+ cloudy with a chance of meatballs, which made for perfect weather for this warm weather running wimp.

2014-04-11 10.55.40

It was cool to see the Grando Fondo ride signs set up for todays Sea Otter race.  Wish I was going to be around to watch it, but we have plans since Mike + I both have the day off.  First time in a long time!

2014-04-11 11.16.55

I’m not saying this run was easy, it took a lot of work but I felt great the entire time.  It also helped that my doc recommended 2 Tums 10 minutes before a run.  Now I don’t feel like I’m going to yack out of nowhere when I’m not even pushing that hard.  Next time I see him, I am going to give him a hug for the best run life changing advise.

Bam was really excited about my awesome run he wanted to take a picture with me.  What a guy! 

2014-04-11 11.52.21

Or maybe he just wanted to stalk squirrels in the tree.  I keep telling him he has paws and can’t climb trees but noooo he doesn’t listen to me.


I spent the rest of the day at the Sea Otter Classic Expo.  Word on the street is this is Woodstock for cyclists.  It was huge with tons of booths filled with gear for every cyclists dreams so I can see why.  Honestly I  had no idea there were that many bike brands + gadgets.

2014-04-11 15.11.22

It was cool to check out the Laguna Seca Raceway where the expo was held.  I drive by it all the time but have never stopped to check it out.  Fun fact: my dad used to drive a race car so I spent a lot of time at the race track.

2014-04-11 15.18.07

It was cool to watch cyclists climb this hill from the expo.  It almost makes me want to ride again.

2014-04-11 15.09.39

Then I spied the Nuun tent and met Megan.  She’s in charge of the ambassador program and we’ve emailed several times so it was nice to finally meet her.  Plus the Nuun team got me electro lit with their new Energy line! 

2014-04-11 14.47.58

How cool is the icicle tricycle?!  Since I am 4 I bought a Nuun sno-cone for the road.  Lemon-lime in case you are wondering.

2014-04-11 14.31.26-2

And where were these when I was a kid?  Life is not fair.

2014-04-11 14.54.53

What was the best run life changing advise you were ever given?

I wasn’t lying when I told you about the Tums. Smile

Do you like walking around race expos or do you usually want to get your bib + packet and call it good?

I don’t usually do too many huge races but I do love walking through.

If you like expos which booths are your favorite to hit up?

New running gear I’ve never seen or heard of.  I actually found my running belt at the first big expo I went to and have loved it since.  I also like testing out running fuel before buying it.


Friday inspiration/funnies

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Happy Friday!!  What are your plans for the weekend? 

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret I love inspirational, funny + dumb quotes.  I rounded up a few of my current favorites and one not so favorite to share with you.  

2014-01-29 09.35.57

2014-01-28 07.53.18

2014-01-27 07.32.41

2014-04-04 19.50.55

And this is a great thing!!

2014-04-09 20.54.06

Wish I had this one for yesterdays post. Winking smile

2014-04-07 22.46.47

2014-01-29 08.47.08

I saw this the other night on Instagram and instantly love everything about it.  I’m actually thinking about framing it or putting it on canvas, something I never do but I love it that much.  I just wish I knew who the author is so I could thank + give them credit.

2014-04-11 08.28.44

My not so favorite kind of quotes are the “be yourself” ones.  Here’s what I think of it….


What are your current favorite quotes?

Is there a type of inspirational saying/quote you are not a fan of?  Why?


Finally feeling settled

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Yesterday I tried to talk myself out of going for a run.  It’s foggy, the sun’s not out, pour yourself another cup of coffee and snuggle with Bam.  Blah blah blah. 

Then I thought to myself, you GET to run and that was that.

I laced up my Hitogami’s and hit up the trail and turns out it was the best run I’ve had in a loooong time. 

I felt great from the beginning and decided to challenge myself a little and ate some hills for 2nd breakfast.  It was one of those runs where I felt great the entire time and could have kept going forever. 

The view of Highway 1 does not suck.  Look, the sun did come out, I was just being a whaa, whaa!

2014-04-09 11.00.22

The cruise ship is back.  Or maybe it’s different one?

2014-04-09 11.03.12

It was one of those rare runs where everything just clicked and it reminded me of the good old days when trained consistently back home. 

It takes me a long time to feel settled and after all of the moving we did the last couple of years, for the first time I actually feel settled since we lived back home.  This applies to everything in my life, running included.

I now have my go to 5 + 10K loops and favorite running routes.  I know where every single water fountain is along the way and exactly the distance between them.  I know which route to take for hills or a nice long, flat run.  And I also know where the bums hide out in the bushes.  OCD?  Maybe, but it makes me feel good about where I am in life.

I’m the type of girl that needs stability + consistency.  Now that I have that, things are falling into place and this makes me very happy.  I finally feel at home, yes this place is my home.  Sorry grandma.

Fantastic runs with negative splits make me happy too. 

2014-04-09 12.01.20

Add post run sunning with Bam while Mike barbeques burgers to that list ‘o happiness too.  Dang I sound like I live in Disneyland.

2014-04-09 12.35.03

Do you crave consistency + stability or just roll with life?

Tell me about your last perfect run!


My boys

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I really wanted to run yesterday but I decided to be smart for once and take a rest day.  Man, first doing our taxes and now this.  I don’t even know who I am any more.  Because of this, here’s a little post about my boys.

Mike came up with the great idea of going to Costco.  He said let’s take the SUV, I said buuuuut it’s sunny + warm, let’s take the convertible. 

Then this happened.

2014-04-08 11.53.35 HDR-1

In my defense, we were only going to the Costco cult for coffee creamer + Gatorade for the boy and stuff just magically jumps into our cart.  At this rate, we’re lucky the dang canoe stayed on the shelf.

Funny story about the new trash can: The electronic motion sensor lid totally freaks Bam out.  When it opens + closes, Bam crouches down and stares at it like he’s preparing for battle.  That random purchase is worth free entertainment right there!

Speaking of Bam, he’s feeling left out because he hasn’t made an appearance on his blog in a hot minute.  Yes, this is his blog, I just write it.

2014-04-08 18.56.25

No Bam that’s mah string cheese.  <-said in Cartman voice.

And because I tell you how cool + funny my guy is, I want you all to know that is not always the case with this knucklehead.

2014-02-16 15.06.53

Someone ticked him off {not me for once} and he’s been a pain in the butt since.  Yesterday I asked for his bosses phone number so I could call and thank him for taking Mike off my hands for 8+ hours every day. 

I am not kidding.  But I did get him to smile.

The winner of the Spartan giveaway is…


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What was the last random thing that magically jumped into your shopping cart?

Share a random story about your other half or pet.