Migraines + a little perspective

Yesterday was day 2 of having a migraine. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had headaches several times a month that would laugh at 3 Advil and knock me down for days at a time.

Now that I have a doctor I absolutely trust and adore, I mentioned it to him. Turns out they are actually migraines. Who knew?

Well a couple days ago I got smacked with another one. That evening I tried Imitrex for the first time which worked. It took an hour and a half, but much better than days. I got some much needed sleep but woke up to the headache punk again. Gurrrr. I popped another Imitrex and went to work hoping for the best.

No such luck for this chick. An hour into my shift I felt like my brain was being squeezed, the sun was not my BFF, my stomach was upset and I swear my eyelashes hurt. So I called my doc and asked if he had any other options. He got me right in for a Toradol/Benadryl injection and sent me home with strict instructions to take a nap and eat something easy on the stomach.

I was a little…okay a lot upset because I just wanted to feel better and go back to work, but the Benadryl made me drowsy and turns out driving a golf cart full of beer is not recommended. Sheesh. My protest of leaving it out failed so I took my sorry butt home to veg with Bam for the rest of the day.

The pain was completely gone within 20 minutes so I took a shower and got into bed. The whole nap thing failed-I am not a napper so I got up and ate some food with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. Yah, I am so NOT regretting that.

2014-10-21 17.46.06

I am so happy I woke up feeling much better today.

If you’re still reading, you are a trooper. Thanks for letting me vent.


Here are a couple random things I wanted to share with you.

A couple days ago I came across this quote:


The perspective is pretty powerful when you actually stop to think about it.

Not sure if I told you about this wine, but definitely get your paws on this Santa Barbara Landing Chardonnay. I found this award winning wine at Trader Joe’s for something like 5 bucks.


The trails are calling my name and I can not wait to run on them very soon!! The thought of this is what gets me through some tough days like yesterday.


Do you have migraines? If so, what works for you?

What gets you through tough days?

Having something to look forward to. Em’s visit this weekend is one of them, trail running with Bam is another. Simple things are my fav.


Instagram life vs real life

The other day I was feeling so overwhelmed with first world problems, I posted this picture on Instagram and poked fun at myself.

2014-10-17 18.23.07

But I really should have posted this picture instead.

2014-10-17 18.40.50

Awh yeah and you know I branded that pic!

Bam was mad because he didn’t get walked for the second day in a row, there’s a sink full of dirty dishes and the floors desperately needed some attention.

Everyone knows that people post on Instagram and social media in general are pretty much the highlights of their day/life/moment.

A lot of times these images portray a polished life everyone wishes they had.

If you dare to post a “real life” pic {*cough the one above *cough}, it’s like a giant welcome to Unfollow City. Ha!

I used to care a little about my social media following. I had an app that kept track of who followed/unfollowed but it drove me bat shit crazy and I deleted it awhile back. Best decision ever.

2014-10-18 15.52.27

If I were to post a picture of a Unicorn with a Butterfly on it’s horn with the text saying “I love you all, you are the reason I awake every morning” I would loose 5 followers. I don’t understand people, and I’m beyond caring any more. I’m gonna be me!

2014-10-20 08.17.51

Look, I LOVE social media. I check it all the time to see updates from friends + family, news, local happenings, etc. I post pictures, some of whatever I’m up to, some inspirational, some real life and a lot of dumb pics just because.


Bam has more followers than I do anyways…….

2014-02-21 11.52.52

2014-01-02 16.34.58

I have to type all his thoughts cuz he doesn’t have any thumbs. Really that’s the only reason I’m still in charge, his lack of an opposable digit. He’s probably secretly working on that right now, planning my overthrow.

2014-04-08 18.56.25

I think I just scared myself a little. Now I’m worried that he just might……..

Do you post the real you on social media?


Do you really care if people unfollow you?


Do you think Bam is going to take over the world?

I’m starting to think his cuteness is just a brilliant disguise of an evil mastermind! 


Yup, I’m still trying to keep my head above water as the season winds down. Here’s what I’ve been doing when I’m not working to squeeze in as much life as possible.

Happy (belated) Birthday to my cowboy!!


  • This boy is quite the guy. He keeps me laughing, eats my ice cream while proudly admitting to doing such a crime, is highly offensive in the best ways possible, kills spiders, warns me to cover my eyes when snakes are on tv, cooks the most delicious meals, works his ass off every day without complaining, purposely puts black socks in with light laundry to prove he ‘doesn’t know how’ to do laundry, wrangles the Bam and puts up with my Type A craziness. He should seriously get a medal.   
  • Panera as the BEST iced coffee and free refills. Which means I will probably get kicked out. #worthit

2014-10-16 10.31.11

  • Last night I was so overwhelmed with things that needed to be done around the house, I sat on the kitchen counter and ate ice cream because it seemed like the right thing to do.

2014-10-17 18.23.07

  • Proof Bam was not happy with my life decision and that I really wasn’t kidding about my house being a mess.

2014-10-17 18.40.50

  • However, I did make it to the gym for a nice pool running sesh, approximately 2.3 minutes in the dry sauna and Trader Joe’s for a few groceries so we don’t die. Spotted bananas are gross and must not be consumed in this house.
  • My fitbit has really come in handy this last month. I find myself checking it and amazingly it really does encourage me to get moving. The thought of coffee also helps. Just sayin’


  • I managed to catch some schweet Indian Summer sunrises.

2014-10-17 08.00.42

  • And sunsets at wine-thirty.

2014-10-16 18.25.24

So there ya have it. My life lately. Now fill me in on what you’ve been up to!


Running + coffee with friends and a Pro Compression coupon code

A couple days ago I went to work. The day started out beautiful, sunny + calm. Then out of nowhere the wind kicked up and I was being pelted by pine needles. After it showed no sign of calming down, I sent Mike an SOS text for warm clothes and he responded faster than the CDC with an Ebola crisis.

2014-10-14 11.26.50

After a quick costume change, I ventured out into the elements. I don’t think I have ever been in wind that strong in my whole little life. It was actually kinda fun. Ha!

Yesterday I met Kelly for a run. I may have uttered the words ‘why did I agree to this’ as I was chugging coffee and lacing up my Mizunos. But I knew once I got out the door, there was no way I would regret running, especially with Kelly!

2014-10-15 09.41.37

She even promised coffee after. Girlfriend already knows the way to my heart.


We did 4.5 miles which flew by, it didn’t feel like we ran that far. I guess chatting about work, vacations, celeb sightings, people who unfollow folks on social media who post about living a life they love, ha! She had me laughing so hard several times I had a hard time catching my breath.

I have determined she and her hubby needs to move her STAT so we can do this every day. She is doing a running streak and is over 60 days now. How solid is that?

After our run Kelly even bought me coffee! Talk about a hawt date yo. Then Sharon and Mike joined the endorphin fueled party.


It was a much needed break away from my crazy busy life these days.


Pro Compression is donating a portion of each sale from this entire page to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Which includes the socks I’m rocking below and their compression tights!

Score 40% off PLUS free US shipping over $20 with coupon code PINK

2014-10-12 09.56.22

Do you prefer to run with friends or alone?

What is your favorite thing to do post run?

Be real, have you ever regretted a workout?


Oh the places you’ll go

Salty teeth from smiling so much makes me so incredibly happy.

2014-10-13 14.49.25

Why yes, smiling’s my favorite. Thanks for not asking. Winking smile

For the last year or so, I’ve been telling Mike how much I would love to ride the stretch along the coast in Pebble Beach. We’ve driven it a gazillion times.

Totally random, but I just realized we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary of living in Monterey. mind.blown.

Anyway I woke up wanting to ride today, so I got my gear together and hit up the trail to finally checked one more thing off the ole bucket list.

2014-10-13 14.32.33

I had no idea how far I wanted to go or any specific goals, I just wanted to ride, take it all in and see that little stretch of perfection.

The wind was wicked, I’m pretty sure I was riding sideways at some points if that’s even possible, ha! But the views more than made up for it.

2014-10-13 14.48.14

Then I came home and made this. It was edible. No one has died. Don’t know what is going on over here. Send help. Or coffee.

2014-10-13 17.11.31

A couple weeks ago, our friends brought over some Delicata Squash. I always see different kinds of squash at Trader Joe’s but never buy them because I don’t know how to cook them. Thankfully this one comes with a sticker for kitchen inept folks like myself. Ha!

2014-10-13 16.24.57

And it’s super simple. Preheat the oven to 400, deseed the squash, slice it up. Add a little EVOO, sea salt + pepper then pop it in the oven for 20 minutes, stir a couple times throughout. Boom, you got squash!

2014-10-13 17.06.23


Have you had any epic rides?


Do you you ever buy food just because it’s pretty?


I got called into work early because someone called in sick. I handed my laptop to Mike to come up with questions, he can’t so he’s just writing something like this to fill space. Here’s a joke

Wife: “How would you describe me?”
Wife: “What does that mean?”
Husband: “Adorable, beautiful, cute, delightful, elegant, fashionable, gorgeous, and hot.”
Wife: “Aw, thank you, but what about IJK?”
Husband: “I’m just kidding!”



Simple things Sunday: Living with intention

I hope you are sipping your coffee a little slower this morning, wearing cozy sweat pants, snuggling with you pet and planning to enjoy a beautiful fall day.

Yesterday Mike and I both had the day off. I feel like that rarely happens! We kept it low key, had a simple breakfast together, wandered around Old Fisherman’s Wharf (now that it’s no longer tourist season, yay!) and did a little browsing at Sur La Table.

I know it’s only October, and I don’t want to go all Costco and hang my Christmas decorations in August. I can’t help but start thinking about gifts already. These are perfect for the Type A chef!

2014-10-11 20.43.49

I love shopping there because they give me free samples of coffee. Dang it, even the stores know the way to my heart.

I had a shot of bold espresso from this Nespresso machine and fell in love. Their coffee pods have barcodes so the coffee machine can distinguish which pod you’re using and how it should brew.

A regular cup ‘o Joe or espresso, this babe does it all. Genius.

2014-10-11 13.00.57

After roaming the streets of Carmel, we came home and chilled out for a bit, then went on a dinner date. I ordered the spaghetti bolognaise and he had the braised short ribs with mashed potatoes and swiss chard. Then we traded plates half way through dinner which was his super awesome idea!

2014-10-11 18.15.07

Oh and, anyone want to come to a hummus tasting party at my place!? I have wine.

2014-10-12 07.34.13

Last night I pulled out my planner and started thinking about my goals for next week. Last week’s goals didn’t go so well, Mike was sick, I didn’t feel too great, some of my workouts didn’t happen, I was consumed with work, just some things life throws at ya.

Well I think it’s pretty darn cool we get a brand new week – a fresh start! So my goal for this week is to live with intention.


Sometimes I find myself just going through the motions, doing things out of habit or just surviving. Who wants to live like that? So this week I am going to focus on doing what I love with passion and intention.

Other goals:

  • Run 2 days
  • Pool run 2 days
  • Try 2 new crockpot recipes
  • Take something other than turkey wraps and salads for work lunches. Gah, I am such a creature of habit.
  • 10,000 steps each day. Can you tell I love my fitbit? Ha!

How will you live with intention?

Any lunch ideas?

When do you start Christmas shopping?

Usually Black Friday, but I really suck at finding the perfect gifts, so I should probably start now. Ha!


About my disappearing act this week…

Good Saturday morning friends!! Who’s running Chicago tomorrow? Good luck!

There has been a whole lotta busy going on over here. Actually just a lot of working. October is usually when our season starts winding down, but this year it has been insane and showing no signs of slowing down.

2014-10-02 16.32.11

Mike has been sick all week, but thankfully he is on the mend today. Cross your fingers all the green juice I’ve been chugging is going to keep his boy germs away.

I did have a rather exciting week at work. I had the honor to wait on and meet President George W. Bush!

I watched him tee off at our signature 7th. I was standing there watching him golf, trying to not to throw up. Ha! Right after he walked up to me and said “good morning darlin’.” Then looked at my nametag and said “Jacqueline, it’s nice to meet you.” as he reached out and shook my hand. <-Stuff I can’t make up.

It was such an incredible honor – something I will never forget.

I have a picture with him, but I promised Secret Service I wouldn’t put it online, so it’s scouts honor.

This sunset pic will have to do instead.

2014-10-08 18.21.53

In other news, I had yesterday off and all I wanted to do was sit and get a mani/pedi. It was everything I thought it would be.

2014-03-10 17.59.16

I did actually get the house cleaned, laundry/sheets clean, baked a fresh loaf of bread, cleaned the floors and did a Target/Costco run. Productivity at it’s finest.

2014-01-22 18.13.01

Oh and Bam says hi.

2014-10-02 09.29.06

I am looking forward to some downtime soon so I can sit right here with an iced coffee and watch the world go by with my boys.

2014-03-11 12.19.54

Better get ready for the day. I’m not sure what we’re doing, but the boy is feeling better and itching to get out of the house. Have a great weekend!!

Fill me in on what’s going on in your neck of the woods!!

Have you ever met anyone famous?

I do all the time, but funny thing is 98% of the time I don’t even recognize them. I just treat everyone the same. Making folks happy and exceeding their expectations is one of my passions.


Virtual coffee date + giveaway winner

Good morning!! I hope your weeks is off to a great start.

Yesterday I dropped the ball on announcing the giveaway winner for the ‘close your eyes, find your happy place’ VISA gift card. Anyhoo the winner is…….

Giveaway  close your eyes  find your happy place   Skinny Chick Blog

SparklesSpandex!! Congrats lady!! Check your inbox for my email.

It’s been soooo long since we had a virtual coffee date. You know a post where I ramble on about a bunch of random stuff going on.

  • If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I am stoked to finally get my 20,000 steps in one day fitbit badge thanks to Sunday’s duathlon. Yah I know, total nerd alert, but it’s so much fun hitting new levels.

2014-10-05 22.25.34

  • You need this talenti sea salt caramel gelato in your life STAT. I am already coming up with very creative ways to hide it from Mike.

2014-10-02 18.11.30

  • I woke up to Pro’s new sock of the month and swear they have outdone themselves. Check out the tangerine, blue and lavender honeycomb design!!

2014-10-07 14.59.46

Use coupon code BOOM for 40% off plus free US shipping on orders more than $20.

  • I am a nerd who loves my planner, so I sat down Sunday evening to plan out the whole week. It’s a busy one and I am determined to fit all the things I love in.

Only problem is, I started writing on the wrong week. #blondemoment

Now would probably be a good time to go buy stock in whiteout.

2014-10-05 17.25.37

  • I really want to get my workouts in, so yesterday morning I joined the early birds before the sun came up to get in 30 minutes of pool running. I LOVE working out early mornings, it’s just something I rarely do. And that really needs to change.

2014-10-06 07.19.53

  • I came home from work last night and saw that Bam must have got board and built himself a fort. In my spot on the couch. It’s a good thing he’s cute and I kinda love him.

2014-10-06 18.57.12

  • This is one of my new favorite quotes.


Your turn, if we were having coffee, what would you tell me?


Mermaid Duathlon recap, 2014

Yesterday I participated in the Mermaid Duathlon in beautiful Capitola, CA. It’s an adorable beach town just south of Santa Cruz.

After being on the injured list all summer, I knew going into this race there was no way I could compete. So I took it easy and enjoyed every second of it. #bestdecisionever

This was my 3rd year participating and is still my absolute favorite race course in the history of ever.

2014-10-05 07.53.29

2014-10-05 08.11.27

It starts on a pier overlooking the gorgeous October sunrise, goes through a charming residential street, on the beach and the ride takes you through wooded areas so you get a little of everything.

2014-10-05 07.18.44

I met up with my friend Brittany and her husband Troy, before the race to pick up our packets. Capitola is about a 40 minute drive from Monterey so I opted to get it race day. It was easy peasy,


After racking our bikes and setting up our transition area, we walked down to the beach to hang out before the start. It was so fun to watch the triathletes head into the ocean for their swim. Brittany and I agreed they are hardcore and we were pretty darn happy to stay on land. #wussmeisterstatus

First leg: Run 1.5 miles

Then it was our turn to start the first run. The beginning is uphill but the views are so incredible, I forgot all about the hard work it took to get there.


(pic from last year)

Then we ran on the beach and into transition. It flew by!

Leg 2, Ride 11.5 miles:

Oh dear lawd this ride was all about embrace the suck. Since I was injured for so long, I choose to focus my training on running. That was not a very wise life decision, but I did it and now I know I can!

I met Toren along the way. She had a Mizuno logo on her tank and I struck up a quick conversation. Turns out she reads this dumb ole blog. Hi Toren!!

The course description said it was “predominately flat”. Maybe it’s true for more advanced riders, which in my case is anyone BUT me. Ha! It was not flat. However they did warn us about a climb before the turnaround point which almost took the fight right out of me, but I turned the Britney station on Pandora and peddled through most of it. Hey, at this rate I’m just happy I didn’t get lost.

On the bright side going down that sucker was one heck of a ride!!

2014-10-05 10.24.59

Leg 3, run 2.5 miles:

I was so pumped to do what I love most, jello legs and all. It was getting hot, and I remembered my mental note from last year to grab a bottle of water. That was a brilliant decision, though it would have even been better if I  tossed a Nuun tab in. I shall remember that for next year.

I ran/walked this though I ran more than I thought I would. Woohoo!

We ran up that dang hill and into the residential area, but other than that the course is flat. Then onto the beach where Toren and I met up again. We ended up finishing together. How cool is that!?


Toren’s goal was to make it under 2 hours and she did. Congrats girl!

The race bling:


Gotta love a race that gives you a cute necklace you can rock every day. It has “Mermaid” engraved on one side, and “Athlete” on the other. The race shirts are super cute as well.

After crossing the finish line and taking sweaty pics we hit up the Whole Foods booth for a couple snacks. I usually have Mike with me and we opt to go out to lunch, so it was fun to participate in the post race festivities.

2014-10-05 10.29.53

We also grubbed at Pizza My Heart for some salty goodness.

My advise for future participants:

  • Please do this race!! Then feel free to send me love notes and coffee.
  • Get there early. I got there about an hour early, so I easily found a parking spot. But if you need to pick up your packet on race day morning, it’s a bit of a hike from the transition area. It’s easier to just ride your bike there.
  • Bring water + fuel. There was a water station at transition and another one at the turn around point on the 2nd run but that’s all I remember seeing. I carried a bottle of water for the 2nd run and it turned out to be a brilliant life decision.
  • Train for the race. Duh. I was injured all summer and off + on the month leading up to the race. It was a bit more difficult than it should have been had I trained. That being said, I think the race distances are perfect for an entry level duathlon participant. It’s enough you have to train for, but not overwhelming.

A HUGE thank you to the folks at the Mermaid Triathlon + Duathlon for the bib in exchange for this post. Please don’t ever stop putting on a fantastic race!

You may read my other Mermaid race recaps here and here.

Has anyone ever done a duathlon?

What is your favorite race course ever?

What does your significant other do while your racing?

Mike is my photographer, but other than that the boy get’s board. I think it would be awesome if the race directors put together a beer/coffee and food booth and maybe a tv to watch a game to keep them occupied. Ha!


The 10% rule & the worst day ever according to Bam

Happy Thursday friends!! I hope October is off to a great start. I am still enjoying this gorgeous weather. This no fog thing rocks. Here is last nights sunset from my backyard.

2014-10-01 18.39.58

I usually throw out that whole ‘increase your running mileage by 10% a week’ rule, but since I am soooo sick of being on the broken runner list, I decided to actually follow it for like the first time ever.

I know there is some controversy about this golden running rule, but I feel comfortable training by it for now. We’ll see how it goes.

Since I am comfortable running a 5K, earlier this week I did 3.5 miles. I know it’s not exactly 10% but it made the Type A in me happy.

2014-09-30 10.42.50

It wasn’t easy, but now I know I can do it.

I had another follow up with my PT ninja yesterday for a hip adjustment. Turns out these things take time to work out, but today I’m feeling great. As I was leaving, he said I want to see more miles out of you.

Best day ever!

The other day Heather invited me to the gym for a round of strength training. I am pretty sure she was trying to kill me. In the best way possible of course. I mean, who really needs to lift their arms to do their hair anyway, right?

That girl can plank for 10 solid minutes. I swear she is super human.

In other news, Bam had a bath the other night and thinks it is the worst day ever. I mean, why would his humans not know he would rather roll in the mud? So rude.

2014-09-30 19.25.33

Don’t worry, I made up for it.

2014-10-01 17.29.58

And this should be Mike’s new shirt!

2014-10-01 19.45.16

What running rule{s} do you follow?

Have you set some October goals?