Tiny squares of sunshine

My life, as depicted in the tiny squares of Instagram is a lot like how I am if you met me in real life. I choose to focus on the positive, sunny spots, so when tough times come along, (and boy, they do!) it helps to remember the good times. I choose to ignore  the hell I’m going through. As in real life and social media, I also choose to leave much of the bad parts out. Unless you are lucky enough to be in my circle of trust.

I recently went back to work and someone asked where I’d been. I explained that my gallbladder decided to be a traitor, I had surgery and took some time off to recover. He said something like wow, I’m glad you’re alright. It’s nice to have you back. I thanked him and mentioned that I’m only back for a few days, and then I’ll be on vacation. But I look forward to seeing you then…

What he said next caught me off guard: “it must be nice to drive a Porsche and go on vacation all the time” while walking away.

I did something I normally don’t do. I shut up, put my head down and did my job.

I try to be very professional, yet have no problem standing up for myself. I feel very honored to work for a company that trusts my ability to take care of some of the worlds most high profile & successful, as well as everyday folks like myself. Walking up to a CEO of a fortune 500 company, movie star, President or regular people, asking how their day is, and offering them a beverage or snack doesn’t intimidate or make me nervous one bit. To me everybody is a guest, it’s my job to make them feel welcome. And I absolutely love it!

His comment kinda stung and I even surprised myself by choosing not to respond.


It wasn’t until later I figured out why this comment bothered me so much. It’s my fault he doesn’t understand how awful 2016 has been for us, because I don’t care enough about what he thinks, to explain it.

He has no idea how hard we worked to build a solid foundation for ourselves. He has no idea Mike was off work longer than expected to have surgery on both hands at the same time. Or that a month later, he spent a week beside his mother in the hospital, making some of the toughest decisions no one ever wants to make. He was with her when the cancer took her way too soon, but at that time, she met Jesus..Then we spent another week helping his father cope with the loss, making funeral arrangements & taking care of other family business. He has no idea I was in & out of the hospital 3 times less than 2 weeks after her funeral either.

Why? Because I choose not to share these things. And I am not bitter with is reaction at all now that I took a step back, and looked at it through his perspective.

Mike & I are the kind of folks who take care of us. We choose not to share a lot of our life because we are simply private people. We don’t like anyone feeling sorry for us. Life gets dirty, it unravels faster than we’d like at times, but one thing is true for everyone, that life does not discriminate. Life is just plain hard sometimes. Mike often says to me that the easiest day was yesterday. I hate to admit how true that is sometimes.


I actually want to thank him for helping me realize something. That is sometimes – dare I say most times we don’t have to justify the choices or decisions we make, or what we to do or say to anyone. So we can’t be upset when they make comments that sting. They only get to see the tiny squares of sunshine I let them see.

Your ignorance about my life is my choice.


Gallbladder surgery, post op

**This is part 2 of the traitor gallbladder. You may read part one here.**

**This post includes some graphic post surgery pics.**

First thing Monday morning, April 18 I had surgery. We arrived at 7:30am for pre-op, they also attacked our bank account. You know, I almost like the IRS a little better than the surgery center. At least they don’t cut you open after they take your money. Not yet anyhow.

A very kind nurse got me ready & hooked up with an IV, then invited Mike in to hang before surgery until 9:30 when they wheeled me into Operating Room 1. I’ll never forget that near paralyzing anxiety seeing that sign and moving from my warm, (THEY GAVE ME A FORCED WARM AIR BLANKET!!) comfy bed to the operating table. You could hang meat in there, but everyone was so calm and nice. That helped a lot. But you know what else helped? Was when the anesthesiologist walked up behind me, put an anti nausea patch behind my ear (did I ever tell you I’m terrified/can’t stand/full on freak out about puking?) and said “okay I’m going to give you something to calm you down and help you sleep. That was all I remember until I was being rudely woken up in the recovery room by Mike & a nurse.

It’s like hey, I still have an appendix. I don’t need it, why don’t you go ahead and take that too.

Side note from Mike – While I was asked to proofread this post, I need to clarify exactly how we tried to wake her up. The nurse and I tried to talk to her and ask her simple questions and my beautiful and extremely stubborn wife kept telling us to leave her alone. She should have awoke from the anesthesia in about an hour but took her almost 3 hours! Just want that clarification. Now back to the ramblings of my bride.    

Surgery was expected to take an hour & a half, but mine only lasted about 45 minutes & was text book perfect.

Right before surgery I told the nurse & anesthesiologist that I did not want narcotics. They honored my request and gave me Tylenol. I felt some pain when I woke up, but it was a 5 or 6 on a scale from 1-10, which I’m totally fine with. I remember hearing the recovery nurse tell Mike she had the same surgery and she couldn’t believe they only gave me Tylenol. But really, it wasn’t bad at all. I was more annoyed at feeling dizzy/not with it.

It was 2:14 pm when I got in the car. Yes, I remember the exact time. Weirdo. Mike took it super easy on the drive and honestly I don’t remember how I got inside the house. I do remember taking off all my clothes, feeling really dizzy, putting on The Elf and getting into bed.

I slept most of the afternoon/evening then woke up in some pain so I took half an Oxy. My surgeon prescribed Norco, but I had the Oxy left over from hip surgery so rolled with a super low dose. The bottle said to take 1-2 every 4-6 hours. Turns out I was in a little more pain than I expected so I choked down some applesauce or strawberries with half a pill every 5ish hours.


Tuesday my sweet father in-law arrived to help for the week. I was in a bit of pain, so I continued with Oxy, but had zero appetite. Applesauce, fresh strawberries & ice water were all that sounded remotely appealing. I became a very slow walker, which is a personal travesty. I walked slow, painful, hunched back laps around the front yard to help increase circulation and help move along the CO2 gas they inflated my belly with for surgery. It really helped move along the gas between the intestines & abdominal wall. I could actually feel it in my shoulder & collar bone for a week post op.

Wednesday (also my birfday!) I woke up feeling just okay. I sipped ice water and walked slow laps around the front yard in my pj’s & messy bed head again. Bet my neighbors thought I was some homeless person roaming around. Then around mid morning started to feel awful. Nauseous, dehydrated, lethargic, just that general feeling of unwell. I was laying in bed when Mike came in. I told him I don’t know how I’m gonna make it through the day. He knew something was really off, so he called the surgical nurse. She said it might be dehydration and that we should head to the ER. After tons of tests & 1.5 bags of fluid they determined it was side effects & dehydration from Oxy. Doc said it would take 1-3 days to get out of my system, likely more because apparently having IBS tends to take longer. (Never again Oxy. You betrayed me once ya sucka.) He also recommended a laxative. My dear father in-law picked it up for me and when he handed it to me, I told him that was the crappiest gift ever! I literally can’t make this shit up! (Pun totally intended.)

Because of the IV fluid, I was feeling a lot better that evening. Whew.


Lunch made by my sweet father in-law. He is just the best ever!

Thursday-today (April 28): My appetite has returned with a vengeance. Like Templeton from Charlotte’s Web status. Sometimes I feel unwell, but every day gets better. My energy is nowhere near where it used to be. Typically if you can wear me out, it’s quite a feat. But Mike & I walked 2 miles this morning and I felt like I could have kept going. I ended up with walking over 4 miles all day according to my Garmin, and my body is protesting.


A few last things: It hurt to lift my arms up to wash/brush my hair for the first few days. I will forever love Mike a tiny bit more for brushing my hair. Also my friends, Natalia & Mary who also brushed it while visiting me. Never underestimate visiting someone who had surgery or is really sick. Their visits were so uplifting and very much appreciated. <3

Also if you go on the Kate Moss diet (aka not eating for 4 days) it will be so much fun making up for it.

I did not meet any of the “high risk” factors for gallbladder problems other than being female. I also didn’t have any stones, just thick sludge and chronic inflammation, which happens in about 10% of gallbladder issues. Lucky, I am not.

If you have an issue with your gallbladder or end up as one of the unfortunate ones, I say get that sonofabeach out and move on with your life. The first days post op might be tough, but I feel so, SO much better. I can’t believe how sick that gallbladder was making me all the time.

For shitz and gigs, here are some before & after pics.



This post was written for YOU! Hopefully it might help someone who is anxious about or debating surgery. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. I’m always happy to help.


Adventures of a traitor gallbladder

Some of the most popular posts on SCB are about hip surgery, running injuries and food allergies. I think it’s hilarious you guys are interested in my misery. No, seriously, I really do and you can bet I’m laughing WITH you guys!

Part of me thinks it’s completely asinine that these health issues keep arising, to someone who is relatively young & strives to live a healthy lifestyle. Mike & I laugh because the man can literally have burgers, wings, bacon and beer every day forever and probably be completely fine. Like I tell Bam, life is tough sometimes.

Actually I truly enjoy healthy foods and being active, so it sorta comes naturally to me. I also have a deep appreciation for the hand of cards I’ve been dealt, because there are a lot of other, way more serious health issues I could have.


A very poor attempt at ET phone home.

Bitch session aside, I had semi-emergency surgery to remove a traitor gallbladder last week.

Let’s back up a bit though. On Tuesday, April 5 stood up right after dinner (red sauce with ground turkey, pasta & cashew milk ice cream) and felt severe nausea, pain just below my right rib that radiated to my right shoulder blade & my abdomen was so swollen I looked like a famine victim.

This hit me out of nowhere. I took a Zofran & some gas X. BTW I want to hug the person who invented Zofran. That means a lot since I have this thing about touching people. Unfortunately the gas x made things worse. I didn’t realize it until a few days later, but it has gelatin derived from bovine, which I’m allergic to. So yah, I was having a gallbladder attack and allergic reaction at the same time. Sooo not Disneyland.

Eventually the pain subsided and I was able to sleep that night. Though, it felt like a golf ball was stuck just under my rib cage, the pain was significantly less.

Thursday April, 7th Mike & I went out to lunch. We placed our order and before our drinks could be delivered, I was doubled over in pain and blindsided by nausea which led to anxiety. Honestly I don’t think Mike fully believed me, heck it came on so fast, I don’t even think I would have either.

I headed outside to catch some fresh air, try not to yack and sat in the car while Mike got our food to go. When he arrived, I said I want to go home take a Zofran and go to the emergency room. So that’s what we did.

I walked into the ER & told them I thought there was a problem with my gallbladder. I suspected it because several years ago I was told I had “sludge” and I had been experiencing flare ups off & on for years. But nothing this bad.

They quickly got me in which was such a relief. After tons of testing, needles and therapist worthy anxiety, it was determined I had a very angry gallbladder. The surgeon said it wasn’t a 100% true emergency that night, but it would definitely have to come out soon. He offered to do surgery that night, but I was feeling better (we were there 7 hours) I decided not to rush into surgery. Who knows, maybe it would subside and want to be friends again. Right?

Boy was I wrong. So WRONG.


It’s a good thing I never claimed to be smart, because over the next few days I was practically begging someone to cut me open and rip that damn traitor gallbladder out.

I stuck to a very low fat diet and carried Zofran around until surgery.

Finally on Monday, April 18th I had laparoscopic surgery. After sorta waking up from general anesthesia, they wheeled a very dizzy, J to the car & we were on our way home.

You may read part 2 here.

This post is getting long, so I’ll work on another post about the recovery part. In the meantime, if you’ve had issues with your gallbladder or surgery please share your experience. If you had surgery, do you feel better?


Paleo recipes I’m digging


I absolutely love feeling inspired. Especially when I’m not expecting it, like cruising through the farmers market, Pinterest or the beach.


I’ve been embracing that inspiration and trying new recipes. Most of the time I search Pinterest for recipes with low natural sugar (no cane sugar) and Paleo because I’m still limiting yeast to heal the gut. I could probably loosen up a bit because it’s been over 3 months since I drastically changed my diet, but I feel SO much better. I really really enjoy feeling this good so why mess with a good thing, right?

Man, this whole food allergy thing has turned me into an ingredient snob who kinda likes to cook. Who am I?

I wanted to share a few of my current favorite recipes in case you’d like to try something new. They are super simple (if I can do this, you can too), full of simple natural, healthy ingredients and tasty. Like this delicious Paleo Maple Peach Bread. Go make this now!! PS I used frozen nectarines because that’s what I had on hand and it turned out amazing.


Ohhh and I could eat this chia seed jam straight up. No wait, actually I have!

2016-03-05 16.31.33

Basic recipe:

(Adapted from Oh She Glows)

  • 1 cup berries fresh or frozen
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 – 1 T honey (to taste)
  • 1 T chia seeds
  • Optional 1 T Natural Calm

Bring berries & water to a boil. Add chia seeds, honey & Natural Calm if using it. Boil and stir every 30 seconds or so for about 5 minutes. Let it cool on the counter for a bit then refrigerate.

I’ve made it with and without the Natural Calma and they are both delicious.


If you haven’t tried Collard greens or Rainbow Chard I feel sorry for your life.

2016-02-22 17.06.51

They are perfectly in season right now. In fact, I just picked up a bunch at the farmers market last night that were picked that morning. There is nothing like freshly picked produce, right?

Greens are quick, simple and full of nutrients the body needs. Actually craves. Just give ’em a good wash, chop and toss them in a large pan with a splash of water, EVOO or Coconut oil, S&P & whatever spices you’re feeling. I love turning the heat to high at the end, adding a splash of balsamic to caramelize.


Of course this goes without saying, but it really is much cheaper to make your own almond/peanut/sunflower/etc butter. I made cashew butter by roasting 1.5 cups cashews on 200 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Roasting brings out their natural oil so you don’t have to add more to the food processor.

2016-02-29 11.21.51

Transfer them still warm to a food processor and blend until smooth. Usually takes about 5- 8 minutes. Stop to scrape down the sides often.

2016-02-29 11.12.06

Also chia pudding is amazing! It has currently been my go to easy, healthy breakfast. This recipe is also adapted from Oh She Glows.

Chia Pudding:

  • 1/4 cup oatmeal
  • 1 T chia seeds
  • 3/4 coconut or almond milk
  • 1/2 – 1 T honey (to taste)
  • Splash of vanilla & cinnamon

Mix all of the ingredients in bowl or ball jar and refrigerate overnight. In the morning top with fresh fruit, nuts or whatever you prefer. Easy peasy.

I’m still searching for a Paleo basic bread or cinnamon raisin recipe. I’ve tried a couple and they were not good at all. <Insert sticking out tongue emoji here.> So if you have one you love, please share it in the comments.

What are your current favorite healthy recipes?

What inspires you?

Where do I start? Of course Pinterest, blogs, nature, coffee, passionate people, hiking trails are a few.  


Last week



These flower pictures were snapped on my S6 while hiking between storms last week. No filter, or editing of any kind. Just nature being it’s rad self.


Mike and I randomly ended up at a beach that has been on a list of things I want to see/do on my phone for who knows how long.

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur.


We walked the beach, climbed over tons of small rocks, taking in the sights of a storm surge. Standing on a heap of rocks, I must have asked Mike a million times if the wave coming in was going to hit us. Nope he said every time. And he was right.

It was truly an experience. I felt inspired, happy, at peace. Then the sky opened up and it started to pour. I smiled really big like a goofball and stood on the beach in the pouring rain. It was just the best thing in forever!


Before the storms moved in last week, we caught some gorgeous sunny days and incredible sunsets. Bam and I pretty much lived at the beach last week.



And then another storm moved in…


Hope you have a fantastic week full of awesome life experiences!!


This ‘N That


2016-02-22 12.37.04

Good morning!! It’s been a hot minute since the last time I checked in. I hope you are all doing well! Let’s fill you in on what’s been going on since I last posted.

First ProAm came and I worked 50ish hours that week. It was such an amazing, exhausting, fun week. I’m not kidding when I say it was exhausting though. I may have ended up with a giant bowl of cereal for dinner on the kitchen floor with my dog.

I bartended 3 days on the course, mostly for the celebrity charity shootouts and then 3 days inside the Beach Club. We moved the piano (left corner) and set up a full bar. I never bartend inside (I prefer being outside) but it was so fun!

2016-02-14 09.27.22

Our view for the day.

2016-02-14 09.29.25

The week after ProAm Mike had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands. I tried very nicely and unsuccessfully to convince him to do one hand at a time. Then I just said fine then, I’m not wiping your butt, so you’ll have to figure it out.

Welcome to marriage haha!

2016-02-18 01.45.14

He was in quite a bit of pain for the first few days, but much better now. Bam was nice enough to take the night shift so I could get some rest.

Mike & I totally binge watched 10 episodes of Last Man Standing on Netflix the other day. It’s hilarious and Tim Allen’s character, Mike strikingly resembles my husband.  Pretty sure my conservative friends will love this show.

I’ve been playing around with the Paleo Breakfast Muffin recipe I shared with you guys last month. This batch had double vanilla & apricots. Mike loved it! Kinda made up for my failed attempt at making bread in the bread machine last night. Womp womp.

2016-02-19 15.27.38

PS Trader Joe’s now has frozen apricots AND nectarines!! They are delicious.

Spring has arrived!!

2016-02-22 12.33.26

2016-02-22 12.34.15

We’re heading to Stanford today for my 5th alcohol injection for Morton’s Neuroma and final EPAT treatment on the sesamoid in my left foot. The right foot completed treatment about 10 days ago.

I’m so stoked both treatments are working! The sesamoids are very slowly feeling better, and the alcohol injections are rapidly working. It’s mostly sore now, but not painful. I can now walk over 5 miles a day. My feet are still sore at night, but they bounce back quickly and I’m able to move around far more now than last month. I finally have hope I will be able to run again one day!

Now it’s your turn to fill me in on what you’ve been up to!

What show(s) are you currently watching?


Now I don’t have to post Bam butt

Gosh, thank you guys so much for responding to my last post. I will respond to each of you soon. I especially love that you guys enjoy that SCB doesn’t have a set direction. I’ve read so many pieces on how to grow your blog or whatever, and they all say to find your niche topic to zone in your audience. Obviously I go against the grain and I’m so happy y’all don’t mind because I post exactly what I’m feeling at that time. Plus I’d rather have a handful of genuine readers that I’d pretty much be friends with IRL.


Thank you for embracing this dumb ole blog. Oh and now I don’t have to post pictures of Bam butt!


Karen mentioned in the comments, that she enjoys recipes people have actually tried and recommend.


Here is one of them! I found this Paleo blueberry scone recipe on Pinterest and gave it a whirl yesterday. It is amazeballz. Mike went back for seconds which means you really need to have it in your life now.

Plus baking helped get my mind off of feeling sick because I got bovined at lunch when Mike & I ate out. But that’s another story for another day.


Next week I will be working Pro-Am, so that means it was time to get my fur done, so I look a little less homeless.


Ashley rocks for many reasons, but especially because she listens to my tangents. Can I bitch for a sec? Of course I can, it’s my blog. Why do people insist on calling me Jackie when I introduce myself as Jacqueline?? This happens all the time and it kills me.


Speaking of work, Michelle mentioned in the comments yesterday that she enjoys eavesdropping on my conversations with celebs. I’ve been off for the season since November, but I’ll share a story from before I left.

A co-worker mentioned something about Justin Timberlake.

I said oh, is he playing today?

Yah, you just made him a drink like, 20 minutes ago.


Yah, double Goose, soda, lime…

Ohhhhh that was him?

There you have it. I truly have no clue who I’m serving 98.77777% of the time.


What are your pet peeves?

How often do you get your hair done?

Every 10-12 weeks. It’s kinda expensive and very hard for me to sit still for two and a half hours. Thank goodness for hats & headbands.

One food you absolutely 100% despise?

Mayo. Why was that stuff ever invented??????  

All about YOU


Hey hey! I was getting quite a few emails about the comment section not working after the new layout change-a-roo. They are now fixed and ready to take your feedback!

Now that I’ve sorta gotten back into blogging, and enjoying it, I think it’s time I hear from you guys! What kind of content do you want to see? What kind of posts do you enjoy the most?

  • California scenery
  • Bam
  • Health & fitness
  • Simple recipes
  • Fitness gadgets & gear
  • Day in the life
  • My job
  • Opinion pieces that are thought provoking or going to piss some people off
  • Real life struggles like navigating life with anxiety
  • Things to do on the Monterey Peninsula
  • My slight obsession the GoPro


I share a lot of my life here, but I also want to write about things YOU are interested in, so please let me know!

If you don’t tell me what you want to see, I am going to post pictures of Bam chewing his butt until you do.


Pins To Kill Custom Leggings

Custom tights were sent to me in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine all mine. 

I rarely do product reviews or sponsored posts these days, unless it’s something I absolutely love and know most of you guys will too. Pins To Kill custom leggings are definitely one of them!


Imagine a favorite picture you snapped from a memorable vacation, a beautiful sunset or maybe a quote or word that speaks to you. Take that picture, upload it on the Pins To Kill website & customize it. Add your brand, logo, fav word, or nothing at all. They do some magic and turn it into a beautiful, comfy pair of leggings. Custom made with YOUR pictures and ideas just for YOU.


Yeah, is that not the raddest thing ever!?


Last summer we vacationed in SoCal & Catalina Island. I’m not huge on buying souvenirs, I’m more into collecting memories & pictures, not things. This was such a memorable trip for many reasons, and I wanted something tangible to remember it with.


Pins To Kill reached out to me soon after that trip after seeing my vacay pictures on Instagram, to see if I was interested in sampling a pair of their custom leggings. Boom! Perfect idea!

How it works: Upload a digital image of a picture to their website. Use the design studio to adjust layout, add words, get creative. They bring your creativity to life and send you a custom pair of customized leggings.


You may also choose from a bunch of their prints and patterns. Check out their Instagram account for examples in action like these ones:



The leggings are super comfortable, I kinda want to live in them! They run true to size and the quality is fantastic as well. I wash them with my regular beloved workout gear & lay them flat to dry.

More examples, info & inspiration:

Facebook & Pinterest

Please share your most memorable vacation!

Does anyone have a word for 2016? 

What picture or word(s) would you add to your customized leggings?

I’m thinking my next pair should be a beach sunset with Bam. How fun would that be?


Healing the gut naturally

Hiiii! Happy Saturday. Any fun plans for the weekend?

I’ve been wiped out with a migraine the last few days, but finnnnnnnnally feeling like I’m turning a corner back into the land of the living. Migraines are no joke. This is pretty much what the last few days have looked like:

2016-01-29 16.35.00

I’m hoping you had a much better week.


I’ve been updating the blog lately. There are 2 new pages based on previous popular topics; Injures as well as Food Allergies & Intolerances. Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to touch on or update.

2015-12-17 15.08.03

It’s been 3 months since we found out I have food allergies & intolerances and I wanted to do an update.

First, the foods I am allergic to are milk & beef. Cultured milk products are fine, it’s just milk by itself. That includes butter & sour cream womp womp. Intolerances are banana, pineapple, lemon, pear, cranberry, mushroom, cabbage, broccoli & cucumber. An eclectic bunch, uh?


I had this meal in the pic above a few days before we got the test results. Perfectly explains why I was sick both times I ate it. Evil mushrooms.

Along with those, there is also a small amount of candida in the gut we are trying to cure naturally.

Here are some changes I have made that have helped a ton. Of course what works for me, may not work for you. Just sharing my story.


This Chopped Thai Salad with sesame garlic dressing is lyfe. Mike went back for seconds. Yes, the man went back for seconds of kale. The world may be ending.

  • Focus on nutrient dense foods. Fresh produce and high quality protein in particular. 
  • Lowered sugar dramatically. Mostly cut out cane sugar and switched to natural sweeteners: coconut sugar & honey. On a side note, coming off sugar is no joke! And I don’t even crave it that often. I am convinced sugar is a drug.  
  • I have embraced cooking and actually kinda like it now. I know exactly what goes into it, and it’s much healthier than eating out.
  • I used to have horrible acid reflux and took Nexium daily. Since cutting out the offending foods I feel so much better. No longer take Nexium, but for occasional heartburn Zantac has been amazing. Hopefully I will be off that soon as well.
  • Pinterest has become my new BFF. The Paleo diet is very similar to the Candida diet, I have been using those recipes more often. I don’t follow the Paleo diet 100%, it’s just a good guideline for my current dietary needs.
  • After making these changes, I don’t even crave crappy foods or sugar that often. I had a vanilla soy latte at Starbucks the other day, and it was way too sweet. A few months ago it was fine. So weird. 


  • All the coconut!! Coconut oil is high in three active ingredients; lauric, capric, and caprylic acid which have antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. These compounds target harmful bacteria while leaving the good bacteria.
  • Recently added probiotics. It’s too soon to have an opinion on it yet.
  • Keep meals simple & clean. Current fav is roasted sweet potato slices topped with black beans, lite cheese & hot sauce.
  • Now bake with almond & coconut flour, coconut oil & Earth Balance butter.
  • Since there was a small amount of intestinal Candida, I cut out yeast, most sugar and vinegar with the exception of apple cider vinegar. Which is great because I use it to replace my love for lemons. <-one of the food intolerances.

2015-12-17 15.08.39

These Quick Paleo English Muffins rock my face off.

Before the testing, I had no idea what was causing my life long abdominal issues. I tried cutting out food groups (dairy, gluten, even onions, etc) with no luck. Turns out it wasn’t just a food group, it was several different ones.

Without the problem foods I feel so much better. Now I can introduce a new food. If I start to feel off, I know exactly why. The testing has given me the tools to become my own detective and be able to pinpoint the problem. For example, to lower sugar intake, I switched to artificially sweetened jam & coffee creamer – something I don’t normally have. Within 2 weeks I noticed some abdominal pain & changes. It took me a few days to think back and figure out what I did differently, but I knew it had to be something I changed. Of course it was, so I cut it out and within 2 days I was feeling much better.

If you have IBS and have been told there is no cure, I call bullshit. Yes, that is blunt and that is exactly what I say to you in real life.

I encourage you to do your own research, find someone who is willing and able to help you. I spent most of my life in pain, in & out of prestigious medical facilities seeing “the best” doctors & gastrointestinal specialists and have left with more questions, confusion and frustration than when I went in. Don’t ever let someone tell you there is no cure. Just because they don’t have a cure, does not mean there isn’t one.

Do you notice the effects of food on your body even if you don’t have food allergies?

Are sugar withdrawals a real thing?