Hide & Seek

What a Sunday it’s been!  Since it’s late & my little one isn’t feeling that great tonight (cold or allergies?), I’ll make this a quick one.

For lunch we enjoyed the leftover veggies & rice from Friday.  I just combined the two with a little EVOO in a skillet to warm them up.


I added a can of Chili Beans for some protein and made burritos.  They turned out really flavorful & healthy too!


Topped with reduce fat Cheese, light Sour Cream and this:


Rounded out with this beauty:


And for dessert Alisa & I made Healthier Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I *think* I got the recipe from Tina @ Carrots ‘N Cake, but don’t quote me.  I will have to find out and let you know.  But they were out of this world!

We spent the day cleaning and playing hide & seek with our dogs.  Yes, our dogs play!  We take them to the laundry room & tell them to stay while we hide and then we call them.  It may take a bit, but they find us every time!  :)  Oh and Bo is an old man so when he can’t find us he starts to get grumpy (whine).  Seriously!

Here he is with Alisa today.  I couldn’t resist posting it!


We also played War and took the dogs to the Dog Park.  Poor Mike had to work all day.  :(  But the good news is the fence is finished!  He’s so happy! 

Well so much for making this a “quick” post!  Lol!

I will see ya in the morning!

Do your animals do tricks?  What do they do?

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