2010 Vision Board Review

Welcome to 2011!!!  I hope this year is filled with challenges that make you stronger, healthier and wiser!

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I wanted to do a little recap on my goals from 2010.

I was skeptical with my vision board last year.  I wondered if it would motivate me or make me feel bad for not making some of my goals.  But tried it anyway.


I found that I kept going back to review it and liked to move my little paper icons over to the “Finish It” side.  I loved the interaction & that I was able to see my progress.  I need instant gratification, I guess.

Let’s see how I did…

Although I didn’t meet every single goal I set, I feel really good about meeting the big ones.

  • I wanted to run 25 races, I ran 16.  The only reason I didn’t hit 25 was because locally, there weren’t enough to do.  Some of them fell on the same day so I had to choose.  I realize now it’s not about the quantity, but quality of how they are organized.  I ran some really small town events that were fun, but the organization was terrible.  Some didn’t even keep track of the results.  :(   But overall I absolutely love racing and find that I’m really motivated afterwards!  *  You can find all of my race recaps here.
  • Run a half marathon.  Yeppers, did that!

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  • Run 500 miles.  Smashed that too!  I ran a total of 580 miles.  I actually met my goal in mid-November.
  • Eat clean.  Let’s just say I went with the 80/20 rule here.  :)  Overall it was my healthiest year of eating by far.
  • 6 pack ab’s.  I did not fully achieve what I had in mind, but progress was definitely made.  I’m actually thinking about doing an ab challenge & progress on here soon.
  • Sub 24 minute 5K didn’t happen, but I did set a new P.R.


Did you meet your goals?  Tell me!  I love hearing about them!

I’m working on my 2011 goals.  I’ll do a post on it when I’m done.

Hope your year is off to a great start!

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