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As you may know, I’m training for my 2nd half marathon in February, and for the first time I’m following a training plan.   To my surprise, it’s actually going pretty well.  Although I switched a few days around this week, but life happens & I’m just gonna roll with it.

For my training plan I adapted the Smart Coach from to fit upcoming races I have planned.


MR = mile run.

*= I’m undecided on doing this race.

**= If I do the trail race, I’ll skip this long run.

Yesterdays long run got switched to Wednesday & I did Wednesdays 4 miles today.  I was simply just not feeling it & refuse to make myself run when I really don’t want to.  This is my hobby & I always strive to keep it fun & not feel like “I have to run”.  Mmmkay!


1 8:14

2 8:21

3 8:27

4 8:14

Time: 33:18

Average pace per mile: 8:20

I guess I’m working on consistency without even trying.

Totally random, but Pookie asked me to put her picture on my blog.  😉


Do you use a training plan or just wing it?

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