Harvest XC 5K Race Recap

After taking all summer off I was so ready to take on the Harvest 5K today.  My cutie photographer, Lulu came tagged along with me.  I love this kid!

We got there 35 minutes early, so I registered and we waited in the car.  It was a chilly, but sunny 57* but perfect running weather. 

*On a side note, I loved they had chip timing!! 

We still had enough time to fart around.  So we took more dumb pictures of me, duh.


Then it was time to get our run on.

The first mile I was feeling really good.  I’m blonde & didn’t realize it was a cross country race and most of it was on grass and uneven terrain so I was a little worried about how my injured foot would do, but it was fine.

Mile 2 I was still feeling pretty good.  My lower back started hurting, which it does that sometimes.  Luckily it quickly went away.

We made 3 big circles around the park and along the St. Johns River, which was really pretty.

I’ll never understand why people slow down at the finish line.  I passed the girl in black right before crossing it and I know she could have beat me to it had she not slowed down.  Do you ever notice this too or is it just me?

I knew I wasn’t going to PR and with all things considered, I’m happy with my time.  I felt slow but was thrilled to be able to race again!


1 8:37

2 9:08

3 9:05

.10 1:07

Garmin Time: 27:58

APPM: 8:56

Official Time:  Race results aren’t posted yet.

I even took 2nd place out of 8 in my age group.  This is one thing I love about running really small races.  I have a love/hate with them though.  I’m happy I placed, but don’t feel like I earned it.  But I’ll take it.  🙂  

Rankings: 44 out of 86 overall men & women, 17 out of 46 women.


I met a reader of my little blog!  Amanda is super fast, I’m so happy she’s not in my age group.  😉  I think she placed 2nd in her age group.  Hopefully I wasn’t too much of a goober.  It was so nice to meet you!

They had coffee & pumpkin pie after the race, but pie early in the morning is not my thing.  So Lulu & I went to Starbucks.  An iced tall Double Shot with classic & soy is my thing.


And then the farmers market.  You know how much I love them!

All photos courtesy of Lulu.  🙂

And then we came home & packed the rest of the day.

I love days like this so much.  It’s all about the simple things.

How was your Saturday?

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  1. I was there, too. I was waaayyyy at the back of the pack. I’ve slowed so. I didn’t even place. I made it in 37:16 with several walk breaks. My shoes and lower legs were convered with mud, too. I deleted your blog from my favorites because I thought you had moved and wouldn’t be in any more of the Valley races. Are you still here?

    • Great job! Your out there, that’s all that matters.
      I’m moving this month, but I’ll be doing the Reedley 5 mile race next Saturday and Two Cities in November.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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  3. No you are not a goober at all…lol, you are super cool. And it was great to meet you. 🙂

    • I couldn’t find them online but Ted from Sole 2 Sole was nice enough to email ’em to me. I’ll forward them to you right now.

      • Thanks!

        I wonder why he didn’t have them posted?

        Take care,

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