Change Of Plans

Well folks, the Two Cities half marathon is not going to happen for me this year. 

When I signed up for it I was on the mend, feeling really good and then tendonitis popped up and laughed in my face.  Punk.

I ran this morning until my arches started to ache.  I got this far.


As I walked the 1.16 mile home, I started thinking about where I go from here.  I decided Two Cities is not going to happen no matter how much I try to negotiate with myself.  I love to negotiate, in case you didn’t know.

I always need something to look forward to.  In the past, I’ve spent way too much time worrying about things I couldn’t control or change.  I’m over that.  I choose to be happy & content with whatever life has in store for me, even if I don’t agree with it.

So instead of getting bummed out, I came up with a new plan. 

What?  You know you come here for quality pictures taken with a self timer…


As soon as I got home I emailed the Two Cities staff asking if they would be so kind to transfer my race fee to the CA Classic challenge or Two Cities half 2012. 


I’m still going to continue to run until my arches scream at me and walk the rest of the way home under the advise of my podiatrist.  It’s imperative I run to strengthen my very weak tendons.  I might look into physical therapy when I get settled in San Mateo.  Until then I’m going to start riding my bike.  I’m looking for a ride/race to work towards.  Probably a metric century?

This is not the end of the running road for me.  Just a little speed bump.  I will run a half marathon again.  Several.  One day, just not right now.

Run 1

I often tell Mike how much I appreciate my health and ability to run.  Even before my injury.  It’s something I’ve never taken for granted.  You never know if it’ll be taken away from you.


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