Warrior Dash Nor Cal Review

This was my 2nd mud run.  You may read my first one here.

Mike & I did the Warrior Dash in Casa De Fruita today.  We were in the 2:00 wave.

This was a fun event for us.  We didn’t have time goals or anything like that.  It’s a good thing, because it was a warm one.  We just wanted to have fun and we did!

We got there around 12:30 which was the perfect amount of time to park, duck tape our shoes, pick up our race packets and make it to the start line.


I think the first mile or so was all running.  Well we power walked most of it.

We were a little disappointed most of the obstacles were at the end.  Maybe because it was hot.  Or we’re wussmeisters.

I didn’t train for this at all but felt like even if I really tried to race, I would have been fine.  It wasn’t really that hard.  Like Mike said “it’s all about technique.”  Of course he was in the Navy & knows all about this kind of stuff.  And well, I’m just cute.  

***Edited to add race results can be found here.***



I had such a great time doing the WD with Mike!  He taught me a lot.  I did things I didn’t think I could do and he pushed me when I needed it.

We’re not in any of these pictures.  I took them all after we were done while Mike was eating a turkey leg and washing it down with 4 beers.  🙂

When I got to the top of this one, I kinda freaked out a little.  I straddled it and because others were climbing, it was swaying  a bit.  Mike coached me down.  Kinda like a suicide attempt, but not.

This one was next.  If it wasn’t for Mike, I might have just walked around it.  Turns out it wasn’t near as bad.  I lived.

This was the last obstacle before the finish line.  Also the muddiest.  It was pretty easy once I got to the deeper part, I just swam it.


They even hose you off.


Overall it was not my favorite mud run, but still a lot of fun.  I mean how often do you get to run in the mud?  And pay to do it. 

You may find my mud run tips here.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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9 Comments on “Warrior Dash Nor Cal Review

  1. That’s awesome…I’ve always wanted to do one of those mud runs. Maybe one day. I have some bad news for myself…I may not be able to run in two cities now either, becuase of an injury. My groin muscle has been bothering me the past week or so, and then I ran the Komen race and I think I hurt it pretty bad. It hurts to walk and the race is less than a week away. 🙁 :`( (that’s my crying face) I’m soooo bumed out, I have not been taking it well. I know you know how it feels to have to deal with an injury and having it keep you from doing the things you want to do. If it doesn’t work out I guess I will just have to let it heal and find some really awesome marathon to run in when I get better.

    • Oh girl I know, injuries are such a bummer. Even worse right before a big race. But totally not the end of the world. 🙂 Maybe you’ll have to kick my butt in a mud run!
      Oh also ya might want to email Two Cities & ask them to defer your entry to next year. They worked with me and were really awesome about it. Let me know how things go. Best of luck!

  2. Thanks for the support. I’ll try to see if they’ll defer my payment, I still haven’t decided if I’m gonna run or not. I’m just scared to run and possibly do serious or permanent damage. I’m just sooooo stubburn when it comes to my running.
    Reading about your mud run today, made me think of a funny thing. A little less than a year ago I was trying to google info on the lemoore mud run and your blog is one of the top things that pop up, so I started reading it. I didn’t even know what it was and I never had even read a blog before, but I thought, “this chick is awesome!” and that’s how I discovered your blog and I’ve been reading it ever since. lol 🙂

    • Definitely don’t run it if your injured. It’s soooo hard to let it go, but worth not making it worse. Or not being able to walk after. Just a piece of advise from one injured, stubborn runner to another. 😉
      Awe shucks, your too nice. Thank you!

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