I ran 5 miles & then played chicken

Yup.  It’s also my new post injury distance PR. 


1 8:47

2 8:51

3 9:07

4 9:08

5 9:02

APPM: 9:00

Time: 44:57

Well hydrated with both water & Gatorade, washed down an antacid & properly fueled, I didn’t feel sick like Monday’s run.  #winning

I’m way slower than I used to be, and have positive splits, but I figure if I can get miles in, speed will come with it.  Eventually.

Best part: ZERO PAIN!!!!!!!

I noticed the gate to get inside my complex was closing and decided to play chicken.  I made it.  Barley. 

Hey, after I run 5 miles, I’m totally invincible.  😉

Can you believe I actually iced my foot when right when I got home?  I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I was actually waiting for the oven to pre heat so I could bake this pizza. 


Dairy kills my stomach & I was so excited when Mike showed a dairy free pizza at Trader Joes.  I really like it a lot.  I almost don’t miss the cheese.  Almost.

I added turkey pepperoni to it.


Shower->Starbucks->Ulta->Target->Staples->car wash->home->walk the dogs->blog

Whew.  And before all that, I managed to wash the sheets & start the dishwasher.

Deal of the day:

$3.00 @ Target

Just made this Taco Soup for dinner.  I suck at cooking, but for some reason I do a pretty decent job at making soup.


I 86ed the beans, added a can of chicken broth & pasta, sub ground turkey.  Can you tell I was a server years ago?  Hated the job, loved the scrilla. 

It actually turned out really good.  🙂

My training “plan” is almost complete.  I’ll post it in the next few days.

Go for a run & eat cupcakes for me!!

P.S I’m diggin’ dailymile.  If you are too, friend me.

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