Ringing In The New Year 5k race review

I was debating on running this 5k for the last month.  After I woke up, had my breakfast & coffee, I was ready!  I knew I’d feel great and running it would help ignite my training.

It was held at Coyote Point park.  The course was out & back.  Mostly flat with a couple hills at the beginning/end.  It was an absolutely beautiful course.  Through a woodsy area and then along the Bay Trail.


I already knew what to expect on the trail since it was the same one Ken & I biked on Wednesday.  So I started out conservative. 

I was in the front of the pack, which I hardly ever do. My legs were so cold that after climbing the last hill I couldn’t feel them. The decline made it so worth it.  It was hard to breathe, but I’m confident once I build my cardio fitness & endurance back up I’ll be just fine.  My legs were well rested and ready to go, but lungs couldn’t keep up. I remember this issue when I first started running.

Close to the turn around point I was lapped by 1 guy and had another guy & girl ahead of me. I was a little shocked when I realized I was still in the front of the pack.

I’m fairly conservative with my energy in the first half.  I like to finish strong.  I passed the guy & girl, climbed the hills and crossed the finish line.

I came in 1st place overall for women.  Only 1 guy beat me. 

Don’t get all crazy thinking I’m lightning fast or anything.  It was a very small race, about 75-100 runners so I’m not that cool.  I just put my heart & soul into it.  I’m very happy how today’s race turned out.

It sure felt great wrapping up my first full week of training.   About 50 miles total.  Rock it, rock it!

I can’t tell you how excited I am about training again.  This is what I love to do!

I met the couple I passed after the race.  They were really cool.  It was nice to talk about running, racing & GPS watches.  <- Nerd alert

Overall the race was very simple and small.  Every person I met was very friendly and thankful for everyone who came out.

They had bottled water at the start & mid race along with bagels and fresh fruit.

Plus a t-shirt & a medal.  Y’all know how much I love race bling!

The only thing I’d work on is marking the course a little more clearly.  I got lost at the end, but still found my way to the finish line.

Hi Jody!  Hope to see you at another race soon.


What’s next?  I have no idea, but I’m thrilled to be out there again!!

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