A Perfect Ride

Today was definitely an “on” day for riding. 

I was supposed to ride with my new buddy Ken, but the threat of rain canceled it.  This afternoon the sun came out and I decided to just go by myself.

I had fresh legs begging to pound some pavement, the weather was really nice, with the exception of wind.  It was perfect. 


Once I got into my groove I started to think about stuff & the miles just flew by.  Even though I was peddling against a wicked headwind, I kept thinking how I could ride forever today.

I cruised on the Bay Trail to Coyote Point listening to Lady Antebellum & Adele. 

While climbing a hill at Coyote Point, Adele “Hometown Glory” came on.  I felt like I was in a movie.  I was in a semi-wooded area all by myself, alone with my thoughts.  It was amazingly peaceful and quiet.  I didn’t have a worry or care in the world.  I was outside, in such a beautiful place in perfect weather.  Planes were flying over my head preparing to land at SFO, the bay was to my right and I was doing what I like at my pace.

Ride Coyote Point 1.25.12

The headwinds were in my favor on the way back as I cruised along still listening to Adele.  I started thinking about our future, races I’d like to sign up for, my blog, Pook & Bam with big a cheesy smile on my face.  Then I licked my lips and could taste the salt coming off the water. The smell of the ocean, the cool weather, the bright sun, think of the greatest ride in heaven, that was my ride!

25 miles later I made it home just in time for Mike to come home from work.


Now I’m chilling out on my couch with my feet kicked up.  I have a dog on each side of me & Mike watching The Big Bang  Theory.  Great ending to a unexpected perfect day.

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