Two things that make me happy

Today was such a nice & easy day.  I went grocery shopping for my little elderly lady, Catherine.  I really adore her, and Julie, her dog.  She thinks I make her day, but it’s really the other way around.

I’ve always enjoyed the elderly and I’m so happy to be able do something small that make’s her so happy. 

I love it so much, I couldn’t wait to take on another client, Christian. 

Funny story… I called her yesterday to introduce myself and let her know I will be shopping on Wednesdays and will call her between 10:00 & 11:00am.  She very nicely replied, “that’s too late.”  When I asked her what time would be better, she replied “5:30.”  Bahahaha!!  We met in the middle on that one.

In other news, here’s my buddy Bam. 


He thinks he’s a lap dog, but when your this cute, how can I argue?

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  1. The Elderly do like to get up early. I do enjoy visiting and listening to their life stories.

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