P.T & Santa Cruz

Round 2 of physical therapy went really well today.  Jeff had me do the exercises I’ve been doing at home to make sure my form is correct and added new ones.  My favorite part in the massage & stretching at the end.  Hurts so good.

Funny story, I started doing leg lifts with a weight around my ankle.  After what seemed like forever, I asked Jeff how much longer he was going to torture me?  He said “oh you were supposed to do 75.”

Only he forgot to tell me that part.  Bahahahaha!

Promises of more pain & torture were made.  Love it!

Mike took the day off to hang out with Lissy & I.  She’s spending spring break with us.  I jumped in the car and Mike said they wanted to hang out in Santa Cruz for the day.


It was a perfect day.  Well once we got off the crazy, anxiety inducing winding road with barriers(!) in the center divider to get there.  I still shutter when I think of that.

They wanted to get on the rides.

While I’m more of a beach bum.  Worked out well!

We have one happy kid today.


Now I’m a lobster but a happy lobster.  🙂

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