Grandma goes to facebook

I’m connected to the blog world again!!  Ahhhh

After several failed attempts by Mike to bring Helen Keller back to life I finally have a new laptop.

On to more important stuff.


Yesterday my mom, sister, little grandma & niece, Blair came to visit us.


Mike declared we were going to the Slider Bar Cafe for lunch.  It was a great choice and everyone seemed to like it.





After we went to Facebook.  Of course it was a hit with everyone.  Even my little grandma has a FB account!!  So it was really cool to show her where all the magic happens.




Oh and Blair told me “aunnie, these are my running shoes!  I can run fast.”  That’s my girl.

Ma, Amanda & Blair went to check out Ikea & we wanted to show grandma around so we split up for a bit.

Of course we had to take her to Google.


One several time’s she has told me “if I can’t find anything I want to eat, I just have a bowl of ice cream.”


I love this lady!


I’m so happy I got to show them around and hang out with grandma.

One day wasn’t enough.

I start another round of physical therapy today.  More on that later.

Have a wonderful day!

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