Why I’m still not running

Back in February, I figured I’d take up cycling since I wasn’t able to run.

After a few semi-hilly rides I noticed the inside of my left knee was tight & a little painful.  I knew I was out of shape so I took some time off to heal.

It went away so I set out for another ride.  But as soon as I started climbing it flared up again.


I stopped cycling and around that time I started physical therapy for tendonitis in my right arch.

I didn’t know I had to have a separate insurance authorization for this injury too so I decided to focus on one at a time.

PT went well, I was finally able to build up my mileage to 3.50 but the pain on the side of my knee flared up again.

My orthopedic told me I strained my hamstring and sent me back to PT.

Poor Jeff.  lol

I met with him yesterday.  After running me through some exercise & flexibility test’s, he drew a picture that looks similar to this one I drew.  But mine’s prettier with cooler colors and stuff.  😉

Here’s how I understand it.

Drawing  Normal muscle fibers are straight and slide seamlessly between each other when bending/flexing the knee.  Muscle’s shorten & lengthen depending on how they are being used.

While cycling my saddle was too high and I was going uphill when I first experienced pain causing me to hyperextend my hamstring.

Which explains why I feel tightness & mild pain when I extend my leg straight.  Walking or bending doesn’t bother me at all.

Treatment involves a lot of deep tissue massage to loosen the fibers up along with stretching exercises thrown in to get them to line up properly.

Jeff warned me it would be painful.  He was right…..

I bet he’s happy.  Hahaha

But truthfully, the massage really is very painful.  I won’t even tell you the choice words I was thinking about him today.

I now feel like a 350 pound linebacker kicked me.

The good news is my arches (my left one flared up too which is common) are feeling back to normal for the most part so I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be good to go when it’s time to run again.

In the meantime I asked Jeff to help me come up with a training plan. He’s happy to help, so I’m looking forward to it.

I swear the next half marathon I run will be one to remember.  Because I’m confident I will run again. 

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