Guest Post: My wife is a Dude (and that’s why I love her)

Hey all, this is Mike, Jacqueline’s Husband of 6 years and “Life Partner” forever. I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time and wanted to share with you why Jacqueline is a unique woman. I knew that the title of this post would intrigue all of those who read it, but let me explain. 

I have often referred to Jacqueline as “A guy in a skirt” She really is, all except for the parts.


Jacqueline thinks like a guy, talks like a guy, and acts like a guy, (well, most of the time)

Jacqueline would rather hang out in the back yard at a party, with all my buddies, swap dirty jokes and make my friends blush, then hang with all the other women in the house. She never drinks, and never has a problem if I do. She doesn’t like the way (most) women are around each other.

Before all you women reading this freak out and start writing hate email, let me explain.

I love the fact that my wife doesn’t fall into the “I’m better than you, because…..” Jacqueline does what she wants, says what she feels. When she is in the house with the wives at those parties, she says that they are all complaining about their husbands and their lives. She hates being around miserable people, that wallow in their own crap.

That’s not to say that Jacqueline doesn’t have women friends, she does. They just cant be shallow and negative (all the time) She will toss those people from her life in short order.

“Jacqueline is complex” I could make that statement about any woman, and I would be right, but again let me explain. When we are out and about, Jacqueline would rather “pee on a bush” than use a public restroom. I love that. She is such a germaphobe has no problem admitting to it, that she has peed on the side of the road, in orchards, grape vineyards up and down the state of California. Dude!

Jacqueline can be sexy and very feminine too.


But would rather look like this:

DSC08843 DSC08861 DSC08890

Hill Top 

Jacqueline can get ready to go somewhere and do her hair (curling iron, hair straitened, what ever) and before we leave the house, hair is up in a ponytail. Dude!

She is hot too! But hates to spend $ on a dress or anything that costs more than $25. (This was a $300 I got her to try on in the store. But alas, not to be) If you told her she could spend $1,000 on clothes. She would go straight to Lululemon. Dude!


My wife doesn’t get emotional. Yea right. Let me rephrase that. Anger is an emotion that Jacqueline suffers from. Jacqueline doesn’t get sad, depressed, or “down in the dumps” When she feels that way, she gets angry, and that is why she is active. She gets angry that she can’t control her hormones, and therefore her emotions, so she gets angry. Her anger turns into “Why am I angry?” and that turns into a run/walk/anything active. Dude!

I have only seen my wife cry twice, and not be angry!

1. The day we were married. 2. The first time she ran a half marathon.

Both times very confusing for me, not sure if I was supposed to hug her, or run.

I love my wife because she’s a Dude. That’s right I said it.



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  2. Love the picture with the Mossy 500. Skinny Chick’s a “Keeper” too.
    Love the site.

  3. Ditto the last guy that posted. Great write-up on your wife, Mike. Love it. 🙂

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