Carmel by the sea

This morning Mike asked me if I’d like to take the dogs to Carmel for the day.  Sounded like a great idea so we got ready, put the dogs in the SUV and was on the road by 10:00.

It seemed like everyone else had the same idea.  The 17 & highway 1 were a parking lot for many miles but it was such a beautiful drive so I didn’t mind too much.

Once we got to Carmel, we were lucky enough to find a parking spot fairly easy.  We took the dogs for a walk downtown in search of a pet friendly restaurant.  One of many cool thing’s about Carmel is that it’s a very pet friendly town.  I saw bowls of water for dogs outside a lot of stores.  Pook sure was happy!


After walking several blocks, and becoming frustrated with Bam, (he’s horrible on leash) & starvin’ Marvin, Mike decided to ask the locals for a recommendation.

The beautiful neighborhoods were a great distraction.  Look’s like they were taken right out of a magazine.  The little details they put into their homes were uber neat.




We ended up right next to where we parked at a cute little cafe, Basil.  Figures.

We were a little flustered with the dogs and poor old Pookie was overheated & thirsty.  She cooled down after a little bit.


Our server was fantastic and brought out a little bowl of water along with a handful of treats for the dogs.  I love how attentive the staff was already!

I had the Blackened Steak Salad, minus onions & gorgonzola with balsamic dressing.


It was really good, but not enough to fill me up.  Even though I ate my fair share of bread before it arrived.  lol

Mike went with the Oven Roasted Chicken Breast.


We both agreed this was awesome!!

He was very happy with his choice of beer.  As if you can’t tell.  😉


Wanting to avoid traffic, we took a different way home and it turned out to be a great idea. 

Just so happens, the Gilroy Outlets were right on the way home too. 

I’ve been dying to check out the Lululemon outlet store that just opened on the first.


This is what Lulu dreams are made of. 

They really do have great deals.  Well as far as Lulu goes.

I scored 2 tops & a Sigg stainless steel water bottle that say’s “I heart Running.”

Especially love the fit of the “Push Ur Limits tank.”  It’s Navy blue & white.  Any ideas on what color would match this besides white?

DSC03379 DSC03381

I’ve been on the look out for a black top and the “Get Fit Tank” fit the bill.  Love the keyhole in the back and dig the bra elastic adjustability.  I swear they think of everything.

 DSC03380 DSC03382


Now I’ve gotta bounce back from the injury punks and find a half marathon to rock!  In new Lulu of course.

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3 Comments on “Carmel by the sea

  1. I live 30 minutes from Carmel. I’m searching for a picture to use for you follow me buttons and I saw these and said “that’s Carmel!!!”. Everyone takes their dogs everywhere in Carmel, it’s the perfect outing for the entire family including furry friends.

    • I didn’t realize you live that close. It’s such a beautiful town. Yeah, it’s very pet friendly for sure!

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