Salad, shoes, cupcakes & shopping

On Friday I wanted to do a little shopping so I ended up at Westfield Mall in San Jose.  Just so happens, Santana Row is right next to it.

The mall is huge with a mix of high end stores like Macy’s, Pottery Barn along with Forever 21.  My kind of place!

After seeing less than half of it, I decided I’d rather be outside, so I went to Santana Row.

Santana row


It is absolutely beautiful.  You can walk up & down the streets, stop for a meal at one of the cute restaurants.  All of them have outdoor dining, which I love.  There’s even a tequila bar, if your into that kind of thing.

After lunch, check out the shopping.  There’s a Coach, Lululemon, Anthropology, H&M (my current favorite) along with a ton of others.

I had lunch at Plutos.  It’s a trendy restaurant with made to order salads. 

My chicken salad & ice tea were awesome.  I can’t wait to go back.


Kara’s Cupcake’s was right next door.  It was meant to be.


I went with the Meyer Lemon. 


It was really good.  I especially liked the tangy center filling.


I’d give them 4 out of 6 cake pops.  If they offered a dairy free cupcake, I’d add one more!  

I stopped by Roadrunner Sports to get fitted for running shoes. 

I love my Mizuno’s but wanted to see if there’s another brand that might be a better fit for me.

After a run on the treadmill & a few other test’s my results were:


I tried on 5 pairs of shoe’s including my beloved Mizunos but I really liked the way these Asics Gel Excel 33’s fit. 

They were really comfortable with a very low ankle, which it a really big thing for me.



I didn’t buy them because I have a coupon for 20% off only valid next weekend.  So I’m going to think about. 

If they were neon pink, they probably would have found their way home with me.

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  1. I’d always pick santana row too. I love H & M.

    The next time I’m in San Jose I’m going to that cupcakery.

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