Someone lost 6 pounds in 1 day

I’ve been running errands all day and finally got a chance to sit down and chill out for a hot minute.

Last night Mike & I had a conversation that went like this;

Mike: Pookie need’s a fur cut. Look at her!
Me: I know but she’s so old, I worry about leaving her there for a long time.
Mike: She’s not getting any younger and her fur’s still growing.

Good point, Mike.  So I dropped Pook off at Petsmart this morning.

When she was younger I never had a problem dropping her off for a few hours, but now that’s she’s so old I worry about her.  <– First world problem right there.



I drowned my stupid worries in a Starbucks Double Shot with classic & soy.


It’s very rare for someone to spell my name right, but this guy butchered it.

What the heck’s a Jackquim?  lol


My next stop was the grocery store for my little elderly lady.

Gosh I just love her! 

I thought it’d be fun to post her usual grocery list because I get a kick out of it.

  • 2 quarts of 2% milk  (this size is easier for her to lift)
  • 2-3 avocados
  • 1 loaf of bread
  • 1 box of frozen pancakes
  • 2 boxes of multi-grain Cheerios (because these are sweeter than the regular)
  • 1 box of Special K Red Berries
  • 1 6 pack of Heath Klondike Bars
  • 3 packages of Pepperidge Farms cookies (“to keep her weight up”)
  • 4 T.V dinners, usually Sesame Chicken & Escalloped Chicken but her new fav is mac & cheese.
  • Fresh strawberries, raspberries or bananas.

There’s a few other things she rotates but these are the basics for 1 week.

Whatever this sweet little lady wants, she get’s.  I never tell her what she “should” have or substitute anything she chooses.  Ex: I wouldn’t get her skim milk when she requests 2%.  I’d never want to take this simple freedom away from her.

When I take her groceries over, I usually hang out with her & Julie (her cute little dog) for about an hour or so.


She’s always got the coolest stories and pictures to show me.  We never run out of stuff to talk about. 

On my way home I stopped at Fresh & Easy for a few things.  And thought about going to check on Pook.  I figured if she wasn’t ready yet, I’d get her all excited. 

So I went home, took Bam outside and had another small lunch.  Fried egg with cream cheese on a sourdough english muffin.  Rocked my face off btw.


Soon enough I got a call my girl was ready!!

Look ma, I lost 6 pounds in 1 day.


Oops never mind, I’m still fat.


And our coffee came in the mail today.  We were about to have a full blown crisis over here.  I used the last of our stash this morning.  God forbid that ever happen.


We dig Fabiano’s Coffee so much, we order 5 pounds of whole bean French Vanilla about every 3 weeks and have it shipped.  It’s worth every penny.

Mike just got home from work.  He’s work truck broke down and the loaner doesn’t have a working A/C so he’s hot tired and grumpy.  I like to refer to him as Eeyore.

I better go find something cold to feed that boy.

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  1. Why is pook so presh?! Cutie patootie. Oh and btw, I love the hot pink shoes!

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