Confessions of a Skinny Chick

Before you open a new window to fire off hate mail to me, understand that this post is is about me, me, me.


I could give you the “everyone’s different, what works for me, might not work for you” line, although it’s true, I’ll spare you.  Your brain will be so full of useless information by the end of this post, it won’t matter anyway.

I often get questions from random people I don’t even know about how much I work out, what I do, what I eat, etc. Well, here are all my secrets. There are none.

I get kind of shy, even a little embarrassed when I attempt to justify my figure.


Skinny doesn’t equal fit! I have always been skinny, but really being fit has just recently happened in my life.

For the most part, I’ve always been this way. Of course there are a lot of other factors like being active, not having children, dietary choices, etc.

The truth is the only working out I’ve been doing for the last 4 months is my 1 hour a day, twice a week physical therapy sessions.  I’ve done a tiny bit of cycling every now and walk more now that I live in a pedestrian friendly area.

Of course before getting injured twice, I trained fairly hard running & cycling.


Anyway, the point of this post is that just because you get injured, or have to take some time off for any reason, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle and your weight.  You don’t have to throw all of your hard work away.

It starts in the kitchen.  Since I have a very sensitive stomach, I have to watch what I eat, but it actually makes it a little easier for me to make healthier choices. I always keep my husbands likes & tastes in mind. He likes meat, beer, cheese, & generally un-healthy food. He eats better now that I make most of the meals, and he’s losing weight too.  Dang, he’s hot!


While this blog is not going to turn into a food journal, I thought I’d show you some types meals I’ve been digging lately.                                                                        DSC03287




It’s a struggle for me to find foods that sit well with me and are nutrient dense.  There’s a lot of trial & error.  And there’s only one way to find out.

I have my share of junk food too.  Golden Oreos rock my face off.  How did I just discover this recently!?  And they’re dairy free too.  Now riddle me that!

Potato chips.  All bet’s are off when it comes to the salt & vinegar and cheddar & sour cream flavors.  Along with Limon Flaming hot Cheetos.  I keep at least one bag of chips on hand at all times.

I’m sure you all know that coffee & cupcakes make my world go round.


Okay I’ll stop now.

This morning Caitlin wrote this post piqued my interest. It’s funny how I sometimes find myself struggling with something, but can’t put my finger on it. Well this was one of those moments. I’m lacking focus right now. If someone would tell me to focus on “X” or I was gonna die, well my husband would be a widower, and my dogs would be motherless.

I gotta tell you, I do feel better just putting this all in print. This blog will still be like your junk drawer.  Full of random, useless crap.  It won’t turn into a food diary, but it should evolve & change as I do.  It means I’m growing, experiencing new things, working on getting focus back.  And that’s a good thing.


Here’s what you can expect to see on here;

  • Coming back from injuries; finding balance without overdoing it
  • Daily workouts, even when I take a rest day
  • At least 1 post a day
  • A few meals/snacks
  • Normal random life stuff
  • Hopefully running & races
  • Pink shoes
  • Anything I come up with to fill your brains with fruitless information

I will always remain authentic.  And skinny. (hopefully)

Lucky you.

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