Fun with nerds

We had a great day!

My friend Melissa & her husband, Mike were visiting the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, so Mike & I met up with them to hang out.

Their tour lasted a little longer than expected and I was going to die if I didn’t eat soon so Mike & I ended up here.


I love a place that has you check off exactly what you want.  Kinda like my love of to do lists.


And let me tell you, we take our burger ordering seriously. 


Mike got so overwhelmed with all of the choices, he crumbled up his first order and started over.

Don’t mess with a man and his burger, yo.

While I love a lot of toppings, I don’t like my burger stacked too high.  So I went with pickles, tomato & ketchup on a wheat bun.


Mike loaded his up on a pretzel bun.  It looked amazing.


Can I just say I love shoestring fires!  My grandma used to make them all the time when I was growing up.


Then we walked around for a bit.  Santana Row is really cool to walk around, window shop and enjoy the beautiful weather.




We caught up with Mike & Melissa while they chowed down at a Mexican restaurant.  They are a little nerdy/geeky which I think is uber cool.  I laughed so hard when Mike told stories about one of his roommate’s back in the day who is just like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory.  The sad thing is, I can relate to him a little too much.  I could not stop laughing!!   


The boys wanted to check out the Tesla dealer, and cupcakes were calling our names.


I mean, how do you go wrong when your day includes lunch out, hanging out with the cool kids, shopping, sunshine & cupcakes!?

Speaking of sugar, Melissa makes the most adorable cookies ever!  Her creativity absolutely amazes me!  How does she get them so perfect?

My favorite is Pac Man. 


I mean how do you even eat such an adorable creation?!

Definitely check out her site.  You’ll want to eat your computer screen.

I have a very exciting post going up tomorrow morning!

The rest of the evening calls for a bubble bath and watching a chick flick in bed.

Perfect if you ask me.

P.S if you have a few seconds, please vote for Sugar Rush here.  They made it super easy, just 1 click.  You don’t even have to enter you email address.  Gotta love that.

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