Suck it up Cupcake, 1st edition

Monday is my favorite day of the week.  I’m pretty sure a lot of you might disagree.  It’s cool, we can still be friends.

For me, Monday mean’s I get a fresh start to a new week.  When I’m training for a half marathon, it’s the day I usually choose to do my long run on. 


I start the week by surfing the net or reading a few of my favorite blogs for recipe inspiration.  Then I’ll hit up the grocery store and come home to do a little prep work in the kitchen. 

Lately I’ve been choosing a new to me grain to add to stir fry’s & salads.  I just add 1 cup grain & 2 cups water to my rice cooker.



I crave simplicity.  And motivation.  So I wanted to start a series on here that helps motivate all of us to sweat once a day and/or make 1 small, healthier change a weekly goal.  Making simple swaps and changes like choosing brown rice over white add up.

I’m a big advocate of making health & fitness a lifestyle.  If your not happy with yourself or don’t like something, then change it.  I also believe in setting attainable goals.  I fall into the all or nothing mentality far too often, maybe you might too?  This will help keep my goals in prospective.  

I don’t have the patience for crybabies who choose to do nothing, and expect everything to magically change.



Hence, the series name.  🙂

While I tend to come up with great ideas and set huge goals, I find I lack the consistency to give it my all.  I think others might too.  This is just as important as finding our focus and motivation to a well balanced lifestyle.

outdoor gym


So here’s to a fresh start!!  Whether your running for the first time, swapping original for low fat or just going for an evening walk.

My goals for this week are to run 3 times and drink more water.

Your turn!

I love connecting with my readers, so feel free to check in and leave a comment on what you did or plan to do!!

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3 Comments on “Suck it up Cupcake, 1st edition

  1. My goals this week is to eat more fruits and veggies and pull back on some of the carbs.

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