My running must haves

I love gadgets, especially those designed for running.  I’m no expert, but I do know what I like so I thought I’d share my favorite gear with you.

Now, let’s start with my absolute favorite.


This GPS enabled watch tracks my pace, time, distance and a lot more.  It allows me to upload every single run on to my PC and has graphs with elevation & pace.  Which makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!  It has a cycling & general setting that tracks MPH, time, distance and others I don’t usually use.

If it’s dead, I’ll wait for it to charge.  My life would end if I run or cycle without it.


The 13’s to be exact, but I do dig the new 15’s.  When I started running, all I knew was you put on a pair of tennis shoes and go.  After a few weeks of running, my right knee started to ache.  After a little research I got fitted for the Mizunos and the knee pain almost instantly went away.  Keep in mind it’s very important to get fitted for the running shoe that is right for you.  Any local running store should be able to help you out.

pookie d

I have a slight obsession with these headbands.  They come in ton’s of fun colors and prints but my favorite’s are the Minnie Sparkle line and the black & white 13.1.  I wear them when I run, cycle, pretty much every day and they never slip. Every day when I’m sporting homeless hair, these make me look half descent.  Kinda.

Sweet bonus: $1 for every band sold goes charity. 


I beat her, just in case your wondering.  😉

While I adore my new Lululemon capri’s, Nike does it right.  I’ve had several pairs since 2009 and they still look and fit great.  I’m not sure if it’s how they’re made or because I baby them, but either way I’m a fan.  I always order a size up because I like to roll them down since the waist comes up too high for me.


Hi Natalie!  I miss you.

I bought this on a whim the day before my first half marathon.  Best decision ever!  I run with my phone for safety and Pandora, Jelly Belly’s and other random stuff.  It stays put and I often forget I’m wearing it.  Also because I love running in the rain, it’s made out of neoprene so I don’t have to worry about destroying my phone.    

  • One thing I don’t love is my Skull Candies headphones.  I feel like I’m constantly adjusting & pushing them back in.  I’ve tried a lot of other brands but haven’t found one I even half way like. 


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  1. I’m slightly obsessed with all of your running “must haves” as well! Thanks for the mention 🙂 miss ya too!

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