Starbucks on Laurel street

I was inspired to share the Starbucks on Laurel while writing this post last week.

Today I was in the area and decided to stop in for a cup of coffee after lunch. 

I highly recommend you read the post I linked to above first. You’ll understand why it’s such a special place for me.

I feel so nostalgic when I visit this location.  I smile every time I see it.


Even though it’s not our ideal location, it’s where two guys believed in my husband enough to give him a chance at a lifelong career when he needed it most. 

This is where our journey to the bay area began.


After he dropped me off, I sat at this very table.


Plugged my laptop in, and watched people come in for their morning cup of coffee as they headed off to work in their cropped jeans, pink sparkly Toms and perfect hair.

I chatted with a few locals.  One was a business owner who lived in San Carlos all of his life.  Raised his kids here and spoke very highly of the city.

I also spoke with a lady enjoying iced drinks with 2 of the cutest girls.  She was from Brazil and came here to be their nanny.

I thought to myself, wow this is totally different way of life.  The opposite of the little country town we’re from.  San Carlos had so much character and was well taken care of.  Wow, we do not fit in here.  Ha!


Then I pictured us in a condo with the dogs and living in a very walk-able city.  Yeah…I could get used to that.  It’s actually what I’ve always dreamed of.

I started looking for rentals on craigslist, because I just knew he would get the job. 

Only to be thrown into a cost of living culture shock.  Ouch.

After a few trips back, we decided it would be best to have Mike rent a room instead of making a big move.  Eventually he found one for rent and totally lucked out with the coolest roommates ever. 

Every time I walk into that Starbucks on Laurel, I’m reminded of the chance Mike was been given at a forever career in an area we never dreamed of living at.

The longer we live here, the more I think we fit in.  But it’s just a stepping stone to where we really want to be.  That involves a dirt road, Target and of course a Starbucks close by. 


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