Lazy Sunday

That’s not entirely true.  I did make dinner, vacuumed the house, gave Bam a bath, cleaned the bathroom, did the laundry, made dinner & lunch for this week and started the dishwasher.  Oh I even made the bed. 

I’m not too sure about myself.

Rewind to this morning.

We slept in, had Costco dogs at 10:14am.  Seriously, where can you get 2 huge hot dogs & 3 sodas for $4.88 out the door!?

Then roamed around the cult store for a bit. 

We planned on going for a long walk around to explore Mountain View this afternoon, but decided to go to a school parking lot so Mike could play with is remote control car.


Some of us couldn’t be trusted off leash.  Sorry buddy, your cuteness can’t save you on this one.


While others of us are old and very slow, and therefore are trusted to explore.


While others of us wanted to lay out on the grass and chill.



For about 7.3 minutes when Mike crashed his toy and we had to go home. 

Party’s over.

Simple day’s like this are the best!


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