Starbucks Gold Card Tarnished?

Y’all know my love for Starbucks.  I have a page mostly dedicated to it, and visit at least once a day for my Double Shot with classic syrup & soy fix.


In fact I can’t think of a better reward to finish my tough training runs.

If your not familiar with the gold card program, I got your back.  You can find it here.

I just received an email today of changes to the gold reward program starting October 16.

  • You will only need 12 stars instead of 15 to earn a free drink.
  • You can use your free drink for food.
  • Post cards for free drinks are going away.  You will be able to redeem your free drink or food item using your card or app.
  • Soy milk & syrup will no longer be free.
  • Free tall drink with the purchase of 1 pound of coffee is going away.

At first Mike & I were up in arms over our already expensive cult habit.  Then being the nerds we are, we did the math.

We come out slightly ahead, but for others, this might not be the case.

Plus I would much rather have the free drink/food discount taken off at the register.  Not that I’m all that green, I think it’s important to note that Starbucks prides itself on being environmental friendly, but yet they were printing postcards & mailing them out. 


The changes seem like a wise move in my opinion. 

I think a lot of us are creatures of habit and when corporations like Starbucks and *cough* Facebook *cough* make changes, we automatically disagree with the idea without really looking into it. 

What do you think?

Don’t care?  Tell me what you had for dinner. 

I made whole wheat pasta with parm & basil meatballs from Costco.


One Comment on “Starbucks Gold Card Tarnished?

  1. I’m glad they’re doing away with mailings, but I’m still up in arms about having to pay extra for soy 🙁 It doesn’t make them any more awesome than a smaller, local coffee shop that offer punch cards.

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