Warrior Dash 2012

This is happening next month!!

Nor Cal Warrior Dash


Mike & I did it last year and had a blast.




But until then, this is happening now.


Of other possible interest:

  • My mud run tips can be found here.
  • My first mud run.

Your turn:

Have you ever done one?  Do you want to?  Tell me about it!


9 Comments on “Warrior Dash 2012

  1. I did my first mud run last year at the same Warrior Dash. It was freaking awesome and so much fun. There is just something about getting all muddy while climbing over walls and cargo nets to make you feel invincible.

  2. i have always been curious about the warrior dash (and a little scared) I would love to do it, but that weekend is completely booked for me 🙁

    looks like you had a blast last year though! hope it’s just as fun this year for you 🙂

  3. I’m a bike rider do lots of bike events, this year I’m doing the Rock’n Run in Irvine, Ca. with my daughter and some friends we’re all very excited!

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