Random Stuff

This morning one of Mike’s shoe laces broke and he asked me to pick up some ones.  I was secretly happy because going to Target is one of my very favorite things to do.  After all it’s the only place to buy shoe laces at.

The Glade Maple Pumpkin air freshener I picked up yesterday smells so delicious, I had to get the candles.


Glade makes the best smelling, cheaper candles ever.

Why yes, this guy is reading the newspaper while driving stopped at a red light.  I would know, I took the picture. 


We’re trying this recipe tonight.  It’s one from the list Mike emailed me and I have really high hopes for.

Did you know that dogs chase cats?

Apparently this is a new concept for my neighbors.


My new favorite hot coffee is a grande Americano soy 140* Misto.  And yes, I am ‘that’ person.


I’m a sucker for high end hair products.  I may have squealed with excitement when I saw this.  It smells like Swee Tarts and everything nice.


Tomorrow I am going to attempt my first brick workout ever.  I’m going to run & cycle.  Let’s hope my plan works out.

I’ll leave you with Mike’s wise words from the weekend, “don’t fly drunk.”


Please tell me something random about yourself, your day, anything so I don’t feel so stupid!!

Have you ever done a brick workout?


4 Comments on “Random Stuff

  1. First time commenter 🙂 I found your blog recently through HRG…love it!

    Random about my day yesterday…I got up super early, 4 AM, to run on the treadmill before work. I hate getting up that early, but am always glad I did and love getting my run in before work.

    Never tried Glade candles but now I might have to!

  2. Something random: This morning I realized that the lifetime supply sized peanut butter I bought at Costco one week ago is half gone. Instead of making me think I should slow down with the PB, I decided to add more PB to my Costco list for tonight’s trip.

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