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Our weekend is off to a great start.  We slept in, leisurely sipped coffee and took our time getting ready.

It was lunch time when we were ready to head out and it was amazing!  We love Olive Garden and they have the unlimited pasta bowl promo, so you can guess where we went.


My hot date.


Yep, still can’t resist stacking my plates when I’m done.


Now we’re hanging out on the couch watching House Hunters, I figured I’d hang out with you guys too!

I updated my playlist & thought I’d share it with you.

But first, are you guy’s ready to laugh at me?


Yes, this is my prehistoric iPod Shuffle.  First generation and still alive & kickin’

I only use it for running and I am too cheap to upgrade.  Hello, I haven’t had a haircut since May!

I can’t remember the last time I updated my playlist so over the last week I randomly told Mike a few songs I’d like.  He’s a computer wiz and had them to me in no time.

I’m a country girl at heart, which most of my playlist consists of, but also dig Maroon 5, Britney Spears and stuff like that.

My favorite song right now is “I Ain’t Your Mama” by a new country artist, Maggie May.  The beat is perfect for my running speed and I often replay it.

Others on my playlist are;

Just A Feeling, Maroon 5

Too Good To Be True, Eden’s Edge

One More Night, Maroon 5

And older stuff like Stronger by Kanye West, It’s Not Over by Chris Daughtry and practically anything by Rihanna.


Something random:

I decided my wallet is to bulky and not functional, so I took everything out & threw it away. Now I have all of these cards hanging out in my little cubby in my purse.


Oh and why does almost every store I shop at make me have a card?  You would think they would have come up with an alternative already, right!? 

What’s on your playlist?

Tell me something random.


3 Comments on “Running playlist

  1. I need to listen to Girl Talk when I run and I bully everyone I know to download the All Night album that is available free on his website It’s some amazing song mixing and I always run faster because of it!

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  3. I stack all the dishes after we eat too. EVERY time! And then push them to the end of the table for fast and easy removal. If people wouldn’t look at my funny, I’d probably walk them back to the kitchen and put them in the sink for the waitress. I know this post is 2 years old, but I finally threw all my store cards OUT a few months ago! SO sick of having a wallet FULL of them! Why couldn’t my wallet be fat with some Benjamin’s instead?! GOOGLE WALLET! If you haven’t already made the switch…

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