Taken 2, new friends & IT band issues

Today is a catch up/prep for the week day.

I had a follow up with my orthopedic specialist this morning.  My hamstring is about 90% healed, which is great, but I feel like it should be at 100% by now.  Also my left IT band is tight and burns from my hip to mid thigh.  




The good news is, I am not injured, but I need to take it easy & stay on top of it.

Here are the “keep Jacqueline running” options:

  • Cross train on the bike (no hills) and elliptical
  • Stretch and foam roll
  • Physical Therapy (again)
  • Cut down on my mileage & intensity

So I’m going to try & take it easy this week and see what happens.


Now on to the fun stuff!

Rewind to Friday night.  Mike & I went on a double date with Simon & Reena.


You guys, these people totally rock!!  I mean they claim us & everything.

We rent from them, but they insist we are their friends, not renters.  My guess is that they don’t know us very well yet. 

We went to dinner at Vive Sol and it was amazing!!  Seriously, if you live around here, you need to check it out.

Since it was after 8:00pm (which is late for me, not real people) and I had an race the next morning, I went with the Caldo De Pollo which is like a Tortilla Soup.  Reena chose it first & I wanted to eat what the cool kids were having.


It did not disappoint. 

I think Mike had the Pollo Negro, which he also loved.


Simon had the fish, which apparently went unpictured.

We planned to hit up the movies to watch Taken 2 but they were cool with calling it an early night since we had a 5am wake up call.

Then Saturday evening they had us over for drinks (water for me since I don’t drink) and comedy hour. 

Which means we sat around made fun of each other, talked about planning trips and cracked jokes.  They are not easily offended and can take our crude sense of humor.  How did we get so lucky?

Finally we did make it to the movie on Sunday after the niner game.


If you liked the first one, definitely check this one out.  I liked it a lot.

We had so much fun with them all weekend, we should just rent a room at their house.  Ha!

No if you’ll excuse me, I have to take Bam outside to burn off excess energy.  He just ripped off one of the legs on his lion and is now running around the house, dragging out every toy he owns.


Do you have pets?  Do they do crazy things too?

Have you seen a good movie recently?

Anyone have IT band issues?


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