Creative gifts

I told y’all yesterday how much I suck at gift giving.

But I think I get 2 point’s back for sending these cookies to my sister, Amanda & my niece, Alexa.

Too bad they weren’t IQ points.


I’ve always oohed & ahhhed over my friend, Melisa’s Facebook page.  I wanted to place an order, but thought it’d be kind of weird sending myself cookies.  You know, kinda like sending yourself flowers.

Anyway, I finally found a reason.

I sent Melissa a text with a few ideas on what they like and let her do the rest.

Remember, I am not crafty and would rather run in the mud!?

Here’s what she came up with for sweetie, Alexa who just turned 1.


I can’t even handle the cuteness!!

And this picture melts my heart.  <3


Then for my sister, who is going to school to be a registered nurse.


The phone call from my very happy sister and a bit impressed might I add totally made my day.

Oh and I die of happiness that edible glitter really does exist!!

I don’t know if she normally does this, but she added a card andeven hand delivered them!!

Thank you so much Melissa for making our day!

Definitely check out Sugar Rush Cookies but make sure you have a snack first.  I don’t think they’ve invented an edible screen yet.  Punks.


In other news Mike broke his tooth this morning.

Biting into a protein bar.

My friend, Ronda said it all with “go figure hard core boy breaks it on a wimpy protein bar!  Ha ha”

But the cool thing about it is, it’ll be a milkshake & smoothie kind of weekend.  Finally something I can make with out screwing up.

P.S the P.T party begins tomorrow.  Poor Jeff.

P.S.S the cookie part was sponsored by Mike.

P.S.S.S Bam won’t stop farting.  Just thought you all should know.

You turn:

What’s the coolest gift you’ve ever gotten or were given?

Tell me something random.  Anything!


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