3, 5, 7

So yesterday Jeff told me to run a lot (for me) next week.

He wants 3, 5 & 7 hard miles.  The point is to see how my body responds but he thinks I’m strong and can handle it. 

I think I better be after being their PT token for the last 7 months!

Bring on the {good} pain & suffering!


It’s supposed to rain next week and I love running in the rain.  How schweet is that!?

Any other rain runners out there?


Today I’m meeting my new elderly couple for friendly visits.  Basically they would like someone to swing by and chat with them.  The husband is blind and the wife takes care of everything so that leaves her feeling a little overwhelmed.  I can’t wait to meet them!  I’ve never done this, but it’s something I’m really looking forward to.


Now that fall is here.  Well for most of the country.  It was 90* here yesterday, but it got me thinking about seasons I prefer. 


Well because one thing leads to another, I thought I’d share a few more.

Summer > winter

Peaches > Pumpkin

Coffee > Fro yo

Chicken > beef

Vanilla > chocolate


Music > t.v

Outside > inside

Running > crafts

Hot > cold

Sweats > jeans

Salty > sweet

Your turn!

Tell me a few things you prefer.

What is your favorite holiday?

This is completely random, but if you race, what do you do with your race bibs?


11 Comments on “3, 5, 7

  1. chocolate>everything
    sports bra>regular bra
    reading blogs>housework

    I’ve never found anything cool to do with my bibs so I pitch them :/ I know, I’m an awful racer!

  2. fall>winter (we live in the north east)
    warm > cold for sure! (we crank the wood stove all winter!!)
    dark chocolate>milk chocolate (but will take either any time!)
    music>TV-Yes! I’m a musician :o)
    Canal path>treadmill
    half marathon> any other distance
    Coffee>any other beverage!

    Love your blog! You are darling, funny, and inspiring :o)
    Good luck with your 3, 5, 7!!

  3. @Wendy we’re coffee loving twins! Thank you so much!
    @IHeart I run with Skull Candies and they fall out all the time, raining or not. I really need to find a pair that fit.

  4. I wear the sony ones that go around your ear. And the bibs-i have a drawer full. I staple together the ones from the same races and write the times on them so i can see if i’m getting slower in my old age 🙂

  5. I’ve always wondered if the ones that go around your ear would fall off. What do you think of them?
    My guess is your getting faster with age. Women usually do! 🙂

  6. The sound isn’t quite as good, but they definitely stay in. And i got faster through my 30’s. Got a little slower in my forties and seem to be holding fast at 51 to a 2 hour half marathon and a 24 minute 5k. Gone are the speedy days but if i can stay where i am i’d be thrilled. You young gals are my inspiration. I love reading your blogs!

  7. I like running in the rain too. Hope it goes well for you!
    writing blog posts>writing grad school papers
    and that’s why I’m here right now!

  8. One of my favorite runs ever was in the pouring rain. It was about a year and a half ago and there was a torrential downpour and there were huge puddles everywhere. I went splashing through them ALL and didn’t care at all.

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