Tarbucks or Starget?

Yesterday afternoon involved a trip to my Disneyland.


I want to hug the genius who thought to put two of my favorite places in one store. 


The city of San Jose can keep their paper bags & I’ll keep my 10 cents. 


Yeah, that’s telling them.

Then I went to meet my new elderly couple.

You guys, they are so cool!

The gentleman has only 1% eyesight.  He’s been blind since he was 8 and is a retired inventor.  He is so interesting to talk to and very inspiring.  He told me I’m beautiful.  <3

The wife is slowly loosing her ability to walk.  She was an actress in theater, and traveled the US.  Also really neat to hear her stories.

They both have health issues, but have a great sense of humor about it.

I can’t wait to visit again.

It was dinner time when I finished up so I let Costco do the cooking.

I can’t stand our messy house so I did a lot of deep cleaning, and laundry. 


Gave Bam Bam a bath.  He was so excited…


And changed out the shower curtain I’ve been meaning to do for a few months now.





What do you think?

I worked on some strength training while texting Ronda.  It’s actually a great way to distract myself from something I don’t care for.

As you can see it was a wild Friday night over here.

Talk to me!

What was your Friday night like? 

Any cool weekend plans? 

Tell me something random.


3 Comments on “Tarbucks or Starget?

  1. Love your new shower curtain!

    My Friday night was catching up on DVR’d shows with my husband and washing clothes…exciting over here, too!

    Something random…took BodyPump again today and was still sore from Thursday. Gonna be paying for that tomorrow!

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