Sunrise & GI doc update

After all of the rain we’ve had, we had one of the most beautiful sunrises this morning.  I just woke up, opened the blinds and was greeted with a pink, yellow & blue sky.  You know I had to grab my iPhone and run outside.


I heart mornings.

Too bad others don’t agree with me and like to snooze away.



I thought I’d update you on how I’m feeling.  It’s been a week since I met with my GI specialist and I’ve already noticed a few things.

I have been taking my prescription (for heartburn & acid reflux) every day and it amazes me how a tiny pill makes me feel so much better.  I still have stomachaches every day, and I have an ultrasound next month so we’re still working on that.  But it’s progress & I’m so happy about that.

I switched to half caf coffee and today I ordered my first decaf double shot at Starbucks.  I was so worried my beloved coffee would taste horrible, but I surprisingly I loved it. I think it even had a creamy, chocolaty finish. 

Maybe it’s all in my head, so don’t ruin it for me.


Bonus it didn’t upset my stomach so that means I can trade water for coffee, right…right!?

My doc promised me one day I’ll be able to have cheese again. 

I love you, cheese!!

Ops sorry,  tourettes just comes out of nowhere. 


My afternoon involves two sweet girls and pumpkins.  I’m pretty stoked about it! 


But first, apparently Bam’s done resting.  He’s had his little wet nose in my face since I sat down to write this.


If he could talk, I think he would say;

So mom….what are we going to do today!? 

We could go to the dog park or a long walk. 

Can I chase cats & squirrels?

Can we run around the big backyard?

When’s dad coming home to play with me?

Love me, love me, love me.


Tell me!

What do you think your pet would say to you if it could talk?

Have you carved pumpkins yet?  Please don’t tell me it’s only for kids.


In other news:

Click here for more information on Tina’s 4 week plank challenge.

Who’s joining us!? All the cool kids are doing it.


2 Comments on “Sunrise & GI doc update

  1. No pumpkin carving over here yet.

    If my dog could talk, I’m sure he’d say “What?! that’s ALL the food you are giving me? But I’ve been such a good boooooooooooy!!!”

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