I’m a warrior

Our wave for the Warrior Dash in Casa De Fruita was at 2:30 and I’m a morning exerciser so it’s kind of hard to figure out what to eat.  So I had huge a chicken salad around 11:00.  My stomach was a punk off & on all day, but I’m happy I stuck with something easy.



This was my 3rd mud run and every time Mike duck tapes my shoes to my ankles.  This is why I married this man, he’s so smart. Haven’t lost a shoe yet, and a whole bunch of people did!


Then I realized I was supposed to put my chip timer through my shoe laces.  Doh!


Mike had a brilliant idea.


Mr. smarty mc smart smart


I’m ready to get dirty.


We snuck into the 2:00 wave since we’re nerds and are early to everything.

The course was the same as last year, but some of the obstacles were different which was really cool.

The only obstacle I was actually a little escared was the Cliffhanger. 



I was fine climbing it and straddling the top, but coming down on the other side got to me a little.  I didn’t let myself over think it and just kept going. 

Nothing beats that feeling of accomplishment when you push yourself.  Almost worth my bloody lip I bit out of nervousness.


As we came up to each obstacle, Mike would coach me on techniques to overcome them the easiest way.

Dude, there was a girl who was a little uncoordinated and in front of us most of the time.  I was so nervous she was going to fall down on me.  Good thing that never happened, cause I would have hurt her.  Ha!

Anyway this is the final mud pit you have to crawl/swim under real barbed wire to get to the finish line.  Mike thinks they put cement in it to make it extra thick and soupy. He said he could smell it. Fun times!



After our mud bath we went over to the fire truck for a mud exfoliation session.


It’s impossible to get it all off, but having 2 gallons of water in the car is a huge help.


The aftermath…   **Note** The less cotton you wear and more spandex the less mud sticks to your clothes.



I will take running in the mud over going to a craft store any day.

What did you do today?  Anything fun?

What was the last time you overcame something challenging?


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