My friends can cook

Last night Cristin invited us over for dinner.  It was so nice to meet her husband, Mike and son Will.

I think she was a little shocked I’ve never had fish before so she invited us over for salmon & steak salads.


She made the freshest, most colorful salad with a new vegetable (to me and Mike) jicama, which we loved.  It’s got a potato texture with a little sweetness & crunch. Mike grilled steak & salmon and I’m happy to report that I really liked the salmon it a lot! 

This is pretty big for me since I am not adventurous with food at all.


Meet Bam’s new BFF, Bruce.


He is so adorable and somehow thinks he’s a human.

B & B had a lot of fun chasing each other.  It was all fun & games until Bruce ran through the screen door.  Sorry we laughed at you, buddy, but we’re happy your okay.


Bam thinks this is chair was made for him because the last 2 letters are “am.”


Thank you Mike & Cristin for having us over for dinner!!  I would invite y’all over for dinner, but I don’t trust myself to make anything edible.  Consider yourselves lucky.  😉

It’s after 10:00am & we’re still sitting on the couch in our pj’s, drinking coffee.  I guess it’s time to start gearing up for the Warrior Dash.  Our wave is in the afternoon which is perfect.  It should be warm and gives us plenty of time to chill out and make fun of each other.

Just in case you might want to do one someday, you can find my tips & tricks on what to wear for a mud run here.


Because I love random stuff & I can totally relate to this.


The walk from my car to front door isn’t far at all, but for some reason I hate making multiple trips back & forth.

Does anyone else do this too?

Are you adventurous with food?  What was the last new food you tried?  Did you like it?

Ever done a mud run?  Any tips you can offer?


3 Comments on “My friends can cook

  1. I do that too. I also try to carry all the bags from the register to the car to try and avoid returning the cart. Ridiculous.

  2. I’m shocked you’ve never had fish! I have salmon at least once a week! Also, Bruce is adorable. I’ve been wanting a poodle-mix dog for years. Good luck with the Warrior Dash!

  3. I’m not adventurous with food at all. I wish I was though. The last new food I tried is probably when I was in Africa this past summer-sudza. It was soooo good!
    I too carry all my groceries in with 1 load that almost breaks my arm. Weird!? My mom does it too.

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