They are taking my coffee away from me

I think the Caramel Filled Chocolate cookies were a hit!


Rolos are the rock star ingredient!


Simon & Reena were nice enough to invite us to their house for pizza and to hang out.

I love their costumes.


We sat around their new fire pit, made fun of each other and harassed trick or treaters.


This reminds me of the Halloween a few years back, when my dad brought a 55 gallon barrel home from work.  The funny thing is he works for a company that handles hazardous waste and I think there was a little residual waste left in it.  He darn near set the whole driveway on fire.

It was really funny!

Times like those are the ones you’ll always remember.

Then I caught Simon doing this…


If there’s a will…


My appointment with Jeff went really well.  I’m strong and doing great, so he told me to run and kicked me out.

He’s probably happy about that.

Well it’s a little late for this grandma.  I have to be up early for an ultrasound first thing in the morning.

I’m already sad about missing my first cup of coffee in the morning…and for the people who have to deal with me. 


But I already told Suri to find me the nearest Starbucks.  And that chick knows everything.

Tell me something random!


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