Fun times at the Tech Museum

I’m so excited my running buddy texted me yesterday asking if I wanted to run this morning!  I usually take the weekend off to spend it with Mike, but he’s always pushing me to run.  Maybe it’s because I’m easier to deal with or something.  😉

Before I head out, I wanted to fill you in on yesterdays adventures after our visit to the Myth Busters exhibit.

Tickets were $22 per person plus $7 for parking and had we only been able to see the MB exhibit, we would have been bummed.  It was fun, but kind of small for the price.

But being able to also visit the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose made it worthwhile.  I love hands on learning and this place rocked it!

One of my favorite exhibit was the infrared camera.

Tough guy.

2012-11-03 14.06.58

Red = hot, blue = cold, green = warm. 

Mike is a bear & is always warm.  I’m the opposite.  We are a blast to ride in the car with.  Ha! 

The color of our hands tell it all.

2012-11-03 14.07.41

Check out those leg muscles!  Too bad I don’t have ninja kicking skills.

2012-11-03 14.08.02

My other favorite exhibit was the Gene lab.

2012-11-03 13.46.38

I dig anything that has to do with learning about the body so I was in my element here.

2012-11-03 13.53.43

I grew jellyfish protein in bacteria.  I don’t know why the germaphobe (yes, spell check, that is a word) in me was stoked to work with bacteria, but it was a lot of fun.

2012-11-03 13.51.46

It takes 24 hours to grow in the incubator, so this is someone else’s from the day before.  I can go online today and look at mine.  How cool is that!?

2012-11-03 13.56.54

While I was doing educational stuff, Mike was busy protesting.

2012-11-03 14.00.22

2012-11-03 14.00.36

2012-11-03 14.01.04


Moving on, the space room was really neat.

2012-11-03 14.31.57

We loved the replica of the Hubble telescope.

2012-11-03 14.26.57

2012-11-03 14.27.10

There was an earthquake simulator too.  We went on it during an 8.2 quake which blew my mind how much it shook.  We were expecting it, and I can’t imagine how it would feel to come out of nowhere. 

Oh and this quote says it perfectly.

2012-11-03 14.24.07

We went out to dinner at a new restaurant Mike raved about called Bangkok Bistro.  I’m not very cultured like Mike is and it was my first time trying Thai food.

I am now pondering why I waited so long.  This was seriously amazing!
2012-11-03 16.53.12 

I had the sweet & sour chicken, medium spicy with a side of rice.  It was pretty much the best thing ever.

Mike had some kind of chili lime beef dish.  He’s still hibernating or I’d ask him the name of it.

2012-11-03 16.56.34

He said it was good, but said he liked the pepper steak he had last time even better.

Now I must make up for lost time.

Well it’s time for me to get ready for my hot running date.  😉

Not sure what our plans are for the rest of the day, but we always seem to get into trouble somehow.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Do you have fun plans for today?

What is your favorite quote?

What’s your favorite kind of food?


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