Cleaning my virtual house

Thank you so much for your encouragement on last nights post!  It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles with nagging injury punks.  You are all the best!

I’m feeling a tiny bit better today, but to be safe I talked to Jeff about it.  He gave me a few stretches to do and told me to freeze a bottle of water then roll it under my arch.  A little walking is a good idea to keep it loose.

I was so happy to hear that so after lot’s of stretching, I took Bam for a walk at my current favorite trail.

I <3 my little buddy.

2012-11-07 12.16.50

2012-11-07 12.32.17

Then somehow he convinced me to take him to the dog park after.

Okay well, the real truth is the gardeners come every Wednesday and he despises them.  I think it’s their loud equipment and it get’s him all worked up.

Now if only he had a North Face jacket his life would be complete.


Anyone else get a kick out of stuff like this?  Mike & I are always bagging on each other with random stuff we see.  Our sense of humor is on the dark side and very sarcastic.  Sometimes we wonder what strangers would think if they heard us talking.  Ha!


I’ve been reading several blogs for the last 5 years or so and absolutely love being apart of the blog world for a lot of reasons.  After all it’s how I got into running!

Reading race recaps are one of my favorite posts.  I also enjoy the comradery, encouragement, getting to know the blogger and appreciate those who keep it real.


I try to keep my blog light and poke fun of myself, Mike & Bam, but my life isn’t peaches & lollipops all the time.

Anyway I started thinking about why I follow blogs that I used to love, but now I don’t particularly care for.  I think it’s because I’ve followed them for so long and feel like I’ve gotten to “know” them virtually speaking.

This week I started a little google reader/Twitter cleaning party and as my Twitter friend, Wendy said it’s very liberating!

This goes for my personal Facebook account too.  I have people on there I’ve never even met, but they are apart of my family somehow along with a few others I really don’t know all that well.


So now, I’m looking for a few good ones to read and need your recommendations!

Have you ever done this? 

Do you feel like your missing out on something when you unsubscribe?

What are your favorites? 

If you have one, link to it.  I’d love to check it out!


8 Comments on “Cleaning my virtual house

  1. It’s always liberating to “clean house”. My BFF and I started a blog a couple months ago to help motivate us and document our training for my first half and her 3rd. I think we keep it real. I’d love for you to come check us out!

  2. haha! It is liberating, thanks for the shoutout! I’m trying to go through my google reader and delete some, but for some reason it doesn’t work?!? I think those blogs want to stay in my life!

    My blog is

    However, I’m running more than reading training for my first half, which is also making me late on writing my OWN posts. lol.

  3. I clean house every now and then… I figure if I haven’t read it in a month, I am not going to miss it when it’s gone.

    My blog is about my life with the hubs and our three furchildren. A little bit of running, a little bit of our daily life, and a lot about the furbabies. I am not a “daily blogger” but try to keep it interesting. Would love for you to check it out!

  4. I love cleaning virtual house! I do it on FB/Twitter/Blog read all the time. Sometimes you just outgrow someone/thing and its best to just delete it from your life.

  5. Hi Jacqueline! I am new to blogging myself ( but I have been a reader for a few years. I’ve done the purging, and I always feel guilty and like I’m going to miss out on something! But that goes away after a little while when I realize that I am really not 🙂 Good luck with your foot injury, I’ve been there!! It will get better and you’ll be running in no time. Also LOVE Bam being a part of your blog.

  6. I think my interests change and that’s why I stop reading certain blogs, but maybe the blogger changes a little too. Plus when time is limited in a busy life, you’ve got to use it wisely! My favs are fitnessista and of course skinnyrunner. I really like fittingitallin! Of course I like my own too 😉

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