Gut paint

Woke up.

Didn’t have coffee.  (I’m still shocked the world survived)

Didn’t have a banana.

Didn’t have toast or oatmeal.

Wrote a blog post.

Went back to bed.

Got back up, took a shower and headed out for an MRI.

An hour and a half early.

Told you I’m 80.

Filled out the paperwork.

2012-11-08 10.44.46

And lied about being claustrophobic.  But I’ll get to that in a bit.

They gave me this to drink.

2012-11-08 12.00.10

It tasted like fruity chalk and looked like paint.  Therefore Mike dubbed it “gut paint.”

2012-11-08 11.52.28

It really wasn’t that bad.

2012-11-08 11.53.38

Two sweet ladies called me back and started prepping me for the test. 

One of them said something about an IV and I was like uh??  An IV?  They needed it to inject dye into my liver.
It’s a good thing I don’t have a problem with needles because I turned into a human pin cushion.

It was a party.

2012-11-08 13.33.10

After poking me twice, they called in an expert who got it on her first try.  Third times a charm I guess.  We think I was dehydrated.  They told me to fast so I did.  Oh well.

Then they gave me a warm blanket which I appreciated very much.  I closed my eyes as they slid me into the capsule.  I don’t know the technical name for it so that’s what I call it.

Oh my gosh you guys, this is when things went sideways.

I opened my eyes and saw the ceiling oh about a foot away.

I freaked out.  I tried to calm myself down but it wasn’t happening so they came in and pulled me out.

I was going to climb that damn wall and bust through the door if they didn’t.

You think I’m joking, but I am not.  Ha!

They were so sweet and calm and offered me an eye mask.  I told them I want to do this, so I’ll give it a try.

They slid me back into the capsule and I was so much better.  I completed the whole test without freaking out by reminding myself it’s all in my head, to relax and take a nap.  If I can run a half marathon, I could suck it up and get through 30 minutes of this.

I’m not going to lie, it was not easy for me.  I was pretty anxious and cold.  My legs were shaking the entire time, but somehow I was able to stay still when they were taking pictures.

And then it was over.

Mike was so proud of me, he took me out for burgers & fries.

2012-11-08 13.35.02

2012-11-08 13.41.30

And STARBUCKS!!  <-yes, I just yelled that!

2012-11-08 13.59.09

We came home and I took a nice warm bubble bath and chilled out for a little while.

Then we went to the grocery store for dinner.  Mike is an amazing cook.  He makes simple things that taste so delicious.

He marinated flank steak and sautéed bell peppers & zucchini.  I added sliced avocado on the side. 

It was perfect!  

2012-11-08 17.56.26 

I’m ready for another bubble bath and bed.  I’m mentally exhausted. 

On another note, my arch is feeling a lot better.  My sweet friend Janae told me to wait 2 more days after it feels normal.  Since she is very smart, I will listen to her. (She must be smart, she’s friends with me!)

Have you ever freaked out during a medical procedure? 

If you had to give up a food or drink, what would you miss the most?

Anyone racing this weekend? 


5 Comments on “Gut paint

  1. I could not give up seafood or avocado. Live on that stuff. I have never had an MRI but am well aware that I am claustrophobic so I imagine it would be a hot mess of a situation. Glad you survived and got your Starbucks 🙂

  2. I freaked out right before gallbladder surgery when I was 23. I was so scared of general anesthesia that they couldn’t get me to start counting backwards so the surgeon came in and started making fun of how the anesthesiologist looked. It did the trick 🙂

    Awesome getting through your MRI, that would make me anxious too. Had one last week on my knee but luckily only my leg was in the capsule so it wasn’t bad.

    I would not survive without coffe or chocolate!

  3. That sounds just awful!! So glad you survived! I can’t even stand to get blood drawn because of the fasting!! Luckily there is a starbucks between the doctor’s office and school, so I can stop before I have to face the children!! I wouldn’t be nice otherwise. They are always relieved when I have my coffee (but the tempos are pretty fast-I’m a band director :o/).

    No racing, but Friday is late arrival at work for me, so it’s time for a canal run!! You have got me psyched up to want to really train again though…

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