Mizuno love

They’re here!!

2012-11-09 13.27.33 

The Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s.  And I am already smitten!!

You can bet I’ll be doing a full review as soon as I put a few miles on them.  But I will say I’m in love already.  🙂

Oh and remember when I got tired of my old wallet and threw it away?  Turns out having cards flying around in my purse wasn’t very functional either.  Who knew!?

Well, I finally found one I kinda liked at Target today.

2012-11-09 18.05.22

I love how it opens all the way up and has a lot of credit card slots.  It seems like every store I shop at makes me carry a club card. Does that happen to you too?

It’s really annoying, but at least I’m not fishing around my purse for 8 minutes for a card.

2012-11-09 18

It was another chilly day and a bowl of warm soup sounded really comforting. So I made a huge pot of chicken, vegetable with egg noodles.

I’m shocked it was actually edible. 

2012-11-09 16.46.22

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to admire my new kicks and talk myself into not running tomorrow.

That’s going to be hard.

Something random…


Who else loves A Christmas Story as much as I do!?

What’s your favorite meal on a cold day?


One Comment on “Mizuno love

  1. Love Christmas Story! We have to watch it and Christmas Vacation every holiday season. They are required!

    Most of those club cards ask for your phone number. Then you don’t have to carry the cards. Just enter your phone number as your card number when making a purchase.

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