Random stuff, what did you expect?

I had a great time hanging out with Cristin and the princesses at the Stanford mall this morning.  The weather is still pretty much amazing.  Here’s what fall in northern Cali looks like.

2012-11-14 13.01.06

We were curious about the huge line at William Sonoma and turns out Ina Garten was there signing her new cookbook,  Foolproof.  Sounds like it’s right up my alley.  I wish we could have stayed to meet her.

2012-11-14 10.27.16

Walking around the store was a nice alternative though.

2012-11-14 11.13.55

It’s funny how I don’t like to cook, but love going into this store.  I think I just have a hard time pairing foods together.  And clothes…

I was bummed I had to leave earlier than I would have liked, but I had to get to another short torture session with Jeff.  I seriously have no idea what he does, but swear it’s magic.  I’m feeling much better and looking forward to running on Saturday!


I booked our hotel room for Thanksgiving, which has left me feeling a little nostalgic this week.

2012-11-14 11.14.00

It’s been 13 months since we moved here and I really like it a lot.  But I often think about the day we packed our lives into a moving truck.

Mike drove the truck pulling my car behind it as I drove our SUV with my little co-pilot Pook.

A lot has changed in a short amount of time, I wonder where we’ll be a year from now!?


I was was on my cell phone talking to my little grandma.  Telling her we were leaving and that I didn’t think we would have time to stop and see her one last time.  Just as I said that Mike took the exit to her house.  He knew we couldn’t move away without one last visit to say goodbye to my favorite person ever.  <3


I didn’t want to ruin the surprise so I kept talking to her as I rang her doorbell.

She said “hold on, someone’s at my door.”

You can imagine the look on her face!  She was so happy.

We couldn’t stay long and I cried like a baby as I hugged her when it was time to leave.

And I don’t cry.  Ha!

I guess there’s no point to this story other than it’s something I’ve been thinking about lately and I’m so stoked to be back home soon.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

What was the last cookbook you bought?

Have you ever met an author?


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  1. Where did you guys move from? We live up in SF and moved here 5 years ago. I can’t believe it. WE love it out here in CA, too!

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