Cycling gear I dig

I figured I’d cover my favorite cycling gear since I’m not a pro or anything.

If your not into cycling, feel free to hop on over to my favorite running gear post.

I am no pro when it comes to cycling.  I mean I like it and all, but running will always have my heart.  I enjoy riding to cross training & race, but I am not fast.  So taking into consideration I’m a cycling amature, here’s my favorite gear.

I wear Specialized Spirita clipless shoes.

2012-11-10 13.46.18

They are low on the ankle & very comfortable.  I especially like the “vents” on the bottom for warm weather rides.  I think these might be ancient like Mike (had to honey) because I couldn’t find them online.  But if you want to be cool like me, and happen to find them I’d go up half a size.


2012-11-10 13.46.39

My go to padded shorts are hands down the Pearl Izumi Elite In-R-Cool shorts.  I think the padding is a little on the thick side, which is a good thing because this baby don’t got back.

I go up a size to roll them down to my hips like I do with the Nike capri’s.  And because I’m a cheap butt, I layer my Nike capri’s under these for cool weather rides.


Rockin’ them at the Mermaid Duathlon last month.


My Lululemon purple/black polka dot cycling tank.  I found this at the Gilroy Outlet and LOVE it!  The fit is very flattering and very comfortable to run in with 3 deep pockets in the back.

I wear Seirus Innovation soft shell lite gloves in the winter.  They are wind & waterproof, which is a must here because it can get pretty windy during cooler months.  I usually don’t ride in the rain, but it’s nice to have just in case.

I also wear Pearl Izumi Pro pittards gel gloves for summer rides.  <- I LOVE these!  I have tiny, child size hands and are nice & snug and the gel is pretty comfy on a long ride.  Plus the mesh on the outside is thin & breathable.

2012-11-10 13.44.41

I also have these Pearl Izumi sun sleeve arm warmers, but I’ve never used them.  I like the idea of not having to layer when it’s cool in the morning and expected to warm up.  Maybe I’ll give them a try soon.

2012-11-10 13.44.48

Something totally random, but this is my new current favorite ecard.


If you ride, what is your favorite piece of gear?

What is your longest distance ride?

56.78 miles in the California Classic.  I had a great time, but do not see myself doing anything close to that in the future.

Don’t care about cycling, what are you making for dinner?

I’m making what I call white girl chili verde.  You take a pork roast, cilantro, a jar of chili verde sauce from Target in the crock pot on low for 4-6 hours.  Cook it outside so your house doesn’t smell like food after dinner.  Yes, it’s sad I am that anal.

Only I could give you a recipe and put the word anal in it.  Sorry, I’m not sorry.


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  1. Is there really a Lulu outlet in Gilroy?!! I’m up in Sacramento but would totally drive down for that!!

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