I destroy rooms

I got my hair did!  It feels so good not to see roots.  And finally not look as homeless.

Too bad I’m so lame and couldn’t take a decent picture of myself to prove it.  Oh the sad life I live. 

2012-11-21 13.31.39

We’re leaving early tomorrow morning and I’m kinda sad I won’t be doing a Turkey Trot.  I hope someone will run one in my honor. 

I started to pack this afternoon and realized I didn’t have any winter clothes unpacked.  So after going through every box in storage outside, I finally found the box I was looking for.  On the very bottom. 

Totally my luck.

2012-11-21 15.15.33

So I pulled it out and started going through it. 

Then did 2 more loads of laundry because my clothes smell like box.  😉

I swear every time I start what I think is a simple project, I find that one thing leads to another.

2 more loads of laundry->1 donation bag->clean sheets->put away summer clothes->reorganize closet->pack->destroy bedroom->clean destroyed bedroom

2012-11-21 15.27.50

We’re all packed up so now all we have to do is get ready, make our coffee & hit the road.

2012-11-21 17.42.58

I packed breakfast & snacks for the road & hotel.  There’s a Starbucks right next to where we’re staying so I’m hoping they will hook me up with a splash of soy milk for my oatmeal. 

God forbid I don’t have breakfast.  Or food.  I become an angry elf.

2012-11-21 17.38.27

I think we’re staying until Saturday and I can not wait to see our family & friends!!  I love home.  <3

If your traveling, I wish you safe & happy trails!

Where are you spending Thanksgiving?

Do you have a tradition?

Can you destroy a room?


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