Getting back to normal…whatever that is

I still have unpacking to do and a lot of chores left undone, but I’d rather hang out with you. 

Blogging > chores

I love traveling, but I also like coming home and getting back to normal.  And eating on my own schedule.  😉

Y’all know how much I love running, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood.  That was how I felt this morning, but I knew once I got out there, I’d feel a lot better.  It worked!

So I went for a 3 mile run on the trail.  It was 52 & foggy, perfect running weather.

2012-11-25 09.58.49

You can’t tell by this picture, but the trail was packed with people running, cycling, bird watching and walking their dogs.  Being around active people makes me happy.

2012-11-25 10.00.25

2012-11-25 10.00.40

After Mike & I went to lunch, Target & grocery shopping.  We have no food and would have had to eat shriveled up grapes and bagel thins with a side of pickles for dinner.

I requested Mike’s made from scratch marinara with meat sauce for dinner.  I am pretty sure this was much better than the above idea.

2012-11-25 15.07.40

Mike also has a fresh loaf of bread in the bread machine right now.  The smell of fresh bread baking is heavenly.   

Funny story.  Sometimes we go yard sale hopping and one time I found a William Sonoma bread machine.  I asked how much and they said $20.  It was only used twice.  Score for us!!

My grandma (she’s quite the gardener) gave us pomegranates, persimmons & lemons.  So today I seeded a few pomegranates to put on salads this week. 

Since they stain fabric, I’ve found the easiest way to seed them is to cut them in quarters, put water in a medium bowl and gently peel them under the water.  That way they don’t  squirt on you.  The last one I was working on actually got me when I pulled it out of the water too soon.  Punk.  

2012-11-25 14.10.57

2012-11-25 14.26.10

Welp, I need to email my doc.  I’ll update you guys soon.

Have a wonderful evening!

Something random…


What’s a new to you food you tried recently?

Anyone doing a Christmas run?  Locals, which one(s) would you recommend?


3 Comments on “Getting back to normal…whatever that is

  1. I can’t think of anything new I have tried lately… I seem to get in food ruts, having the same thing over and over, day after day.

    I would love to do a Christmas run! But I haven’t been released to run since being in a car wreck in August. It’s been a long three months. Hopefully soon that will change!

  2. There is a Christmas run here and instead of a race bib, you get a FULL Santa costume with a beard and everything. I think it’s called the Chasing Santa Run and it’s just a sea of red. I’m thinking about signing up because I think it would be hilarious

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