Poop Juice

I was debating whether or not I should blog about this, but Mike pointed out the fact that I really like to read these kinds of posts.  So in the spirit of keeping it real, here it is.

The visit with my doc went really well.  It helps that he’s really calm and easy to talk to.

He decided to cancel the endoscopy (<-I knew I’d get out of it) & gastric emptying test because after talking more, we both don’t think it’s an upper GI issue.  He has it narrowed down to two things, but leaning towards IBS.

We went over the MRI and he showed me the pictures and we think we have a game plan. He showed me my spleen, kidneys, stomach, liver and then he pointed out my colon.

Then he sent me home with a prescription for this lovely cocktail. We shall call it poop Juice.

2012-11-28 19.07.23

Ain’t he nice!?  Total cleanout.

2012-11-28 19.07.16

Then Mike had the balls to ask “so she shouldn’t leave the house…” and my doc quickly replied “oh no, nooooo stay home.”  Thanks honey, your a peach.

Then Mike reminded me of this!


Yeah, it’s going to be a party.

At least he was nice enough to tell me to throw the flavor packet it came with away and mix it with Crystal Light or Ginger Ale.

2012-11-28 19.07.53

He even gave me an anti nausea med just in case, because we all know I can’t deal with yacking.  Or yackers for that matter.

So I’m armed and ready for tomorrow to be over already.  And it’s not even here.

2012-11-28 19.05.50

Now you have to spill:

Have you ever drank the poop juice?  That was a trick question because you are only allowed to tell me positive things.

Tell me something embarrassing so I don’t feel so dumb.

Tell me something your looking forward to!


11 Comments on “Poop Juice

  1. My mom had to drink that stuff and it didn’t work for a long, long time and she called me in a panic because she looked like a swollen tick. She said she was worried it wasn’t going to happen and she’d have to drink the stuff again. Apparently it did end up working but it took about 3 times longer to “work” than what she was told!

    Good luck!

  2. Oh honey I crapped my pants in the bed next to my fiancé when I was on that stuff (it wasn’t working properly).
    Just think about how much fun stuff you get to eat afterwards bc you haven’t eaten in so long 🙂

  3. Luckily never had to drink poop juice but my dad recently did and was not a fan. But hopefully itll be over quickly and you can get back to Starbucks and running 🙂

  4. nothing embarrassing, but on the topic of poop, i tried the GM diet once, i’ve never crapped so much in my life

  5. I had to drink it and take in samples of my poop to the lab-talk about embarrassing-a guy I was going to college w/ was interning @ the lab and took my poop from me-thought I was going.to.die! Ended up I have IBS and have been off and on meds-now just control w/ diet. Good luck, lady:)!

  6. Oh no you poor thing! That must have been embarrassing. :/ I’m happy to know it can be controlled. I’m really looking forward to that. And cheese!

  7. I haven’t done the juice but my mom has and although she’d hate me writing this it is too funny. She has had a few of these so she knows what to expect. But this last time she did the drinking sat on her bed fairly close to the bathroom to wait for it to work its magic. She felt the rumbles but waited one iota too long. She went running to the bathroom had to kick off her shoes as she could not hold back the contents that was now expressing themselves.

    Don’t worry she’s not embarrassed she told everyone. And I love her for her candidness.

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