Christmas bucket list

Good morning!

The rain has cleared out and it’s a chilly, sunny morning.  I’m feeling good and ready to run. 


I’ve mentioned before that Christmas is my favorite holiday and I really want to take it all in this year.  So I made a Christmas bucket list & thought it’d be fun to share it with you. 

Feel free to add yours in the comments section so others & I can steal them.  😉

  • Bake cookies
  • Drive around and admire Christmas lights
  • Start a new tradition with Mike
  • Go to San Francisco
  • Make a handmade gift
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Watch a new to me Christmas movie
  • Watch classic Christmas movies like The Grinch
  • Run a race
  • Listen to Christmas songs
  • Bundle up and visit Christmas in the park
  • Give someone less fortunate a Christmas gift

I’m sure I’ll think of more later so I will make sure to add them to this list.

Tell me!

Do you have Christmas tradition?

I’m kinda sad we don’t have one, but that’s going to change this year!

What’s on your Christmas bucket list?


4 Comments on “Christmas bucket list

  1. I have a million traditions with my family but none with my BF yet so I plan on changing that this year! Your bucket list is pretty much identical with mine except I also have hang Christmas lights outside 🙂

  2. Seeing the Gay Men’s Choir in SF. One of the best things I’ve seen here. It is so moving. If you can go to the Christmas Eve show at Castro Theatre, it’s amazzzzing. We are going this week at the Symphony Hall. Cannot wait!!

    Going to Chez Panisse for a friends dinner. Seeing all of our friends before we head back to CT for the holidays. YIppeeeee!

  3. To not shop for gifts on December 23rd , to not bake the cookies for the cookie exchange one hour before the party, to not mail out of town relatives their presents on Christmas Eve. To run every day over Christmas break, to start a new tradition: a family canal run on Christmas morning, followed by a lovely brunch prepared by my mom. :). I really disorganized with everything about Christmas 🙁

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