We stick together

I’ve been sitting here for a while now trying to think of something cool to write about. 

This blog is something I do for fun and I find writing is therapeutic for me so I always want to write even when I don’t have anything fun to write about. 

Mike & I have a couple things going on and I fee like life is laughing at us right now.  Punk!  So I’d like to take some time and focus on the simple things we appreciate but sometimes get lost in the sea of life.


I always try to find the positive side to every situation and see things for what they really are.  And the really cool part, is when life happens, we stick together.  Because that’s what we do.

Slow dancing on a sunset dinner cruise in San Diego, summer of 2008.


Rainforest Cafe acting like dorks with Lissy, the day after Christmas 2011.



Mike….being…Mike.  I swear I spend my life laughing with him! 


New years day hike with Pooike & Bo.  They gave us some of the best years ever!  We’ll never forget the love (and fights, I’m looking at you, Bo!) you guys gave us.


I have no words for this one…





Your turn!

What is something you appreciate that’s easy to forget about?

What was you favorite vacation?  Where did you go?  What did you do?


8 Comments on “We stick together

  1. I appreciate my coworkers at school. I am one of three middle school band directors. We help each other in a hundred ways. Our days are spent moving heavy drums and cases and furniture and repairing our students’ instruments, in addition to teaching them and putting on performances. It’s a joy every day to go to work, and they are a big reason why. 🙂

  2. I really appreciate a home cooked meal these days. You know, the sit down dinner kind of thing, no cell phones or computers open, just good food and good company. I rarely get a chance to do this, especially around dinnertime, so last night’s dinner at a friend’s house was just what I needed. Sounds like you’ve got good company for the few things you have going on at the moment!

  3. @Wendy that makes it so much easier & fun!
    @Lauren I totally agree! Did you post a pic on Instagram last night? If so, it looked amazing!

  4. Umm.. I feel the need to tell you this. Have you seen the “silver” Starbucks card that debut for $450 today? I instantly thought of this blog when they said it. You should ask Santa for it for Christmas. I’m pretty sure it’s worth the $450. (Technically, it’s $50 for the card, and $400 to spend)

  5. I appreciate my health but sometimes take it for granted. Lately I’ve been trying to not be so critical of myself and just appreciate what my body is capable of 🙂

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