Cookies for dinner

Let’s talk about baking.

I may not be much of a cook, but baking is totally my thing.  There’s something about blending sugar & butter until it’s nice and fluffy.  Or sinking my hands into a warm ball of dough.  Oh and the scent of sweetness coming from the oven.

Maybe it’s the fact that there’s no room for interpretation.  I have to follow the recipe exactly.  And when I do, it always comes out the way it’s supposed to.


Stolen picture.

This afternoon I wanted to bake cookies, and I knew exactly where to go.

The pictures alone on Jessica’s blog make me wish someone would hurry up and invent a scratch ‘n sniff computer screen.

After searching her site for longer than I care to admit, I went with the chewy chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

They did not disappoint.

2012-12-06 16.41.56

They were delicious!!  Next time I’m going to leave out the cinnamon and add raisins. 

I was originally looking for a cake batter cookie recipe, but realized I didn’t have a cake mix on hand.  Then I found her red velvet thumbprints with marshmallow frosting cookies, but again didn’t have all of the ingredients.  Bummer.

Guess I’ll be hitting up the grocery store soon.

I didn’t intend to dedicate a whole post to baking, but hey, it happens.

Oh and I made meatloaf for dinner, but ate a few cookies first. 

I do what I want.

Spill your favorite dessert recipe!

Do you prefer baking or cooking?


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