Race T Shirt quilt

I can’t believe I never showed you guys my race T-shirt quilt!?  Now I feel like my whole life is a blonde moment.

My uber crafty friend Ronda made with lots of love and work. 

2012-12-06 13.49.15

This thing is so huge, it covers our entire king size bed an then some. 

You’ll have to excuse the Bam fur on it as he fights me for it.  And I don’t have an industrial size washing machine. 😉

In Mike’s words, it could tent a house you going to fumigate.  Ha!  But I absolutely love it and It’s very special to me. 

Girls got talent!  It’s like she has magic tricks or something, I tell ya.  She even put pictures from races on fabric! 

2012-12-06 13.46.35

I can’t even…

2012-12-06 13.50.09

She is so detailed with the super soft layer on the bottom.

2012-12-06 13.47.21

Now I’ll always have a fun & sentimental way to reminisce on all of the fun times I had racing.  Including my very first race, the Susan G Komen 5k in Fresno.

2012-12-06 13.50.02

This was the perfect thing for me since I’m kinda weird and don’t wear shirts with sleeves.   

Now if only I could find something creative to do with my race bibs.

I don’t think Mike would approve of this:



What do you guys do with your race shirts?

Any creative ideas for race bibs?

Would you deck your Christmas tree out in race stuff?

Heck yeah!!


3 Comments on “Race T Shirt quilt

  1. I love the blanket! I wear some shirts but lots are just sitting in my drawer and I have a few medals hanging on our tree 🙂 I always toss my bibs though..

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  3. Hi! I came across this post while trying to find someone to make a T-shirt quilt. I was just wondering if your friend does them out of her home? I’m very interested in getting one made! If you could email me back I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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