I cheated & hot holiday party dresses

I can’t resume blogging without saying my heart goes out to everyone involved in the horrific tragedy yesterday.  They were just kids.  KIDS.  There is no explanation that could ever help us comprehend why someone would do this. 

Sending love & prayers to those who are affected by this tragedy. <3


I didn’t make it to the race today as Mike & I got up early and headed to beat the crowds at the mall to do a little Christmas shopping.  We lucked out and the mall was quite. 

I was saving this gift for him to pick out since he’s really good at it.  I love it so much, I’m hoping she does too.  And if she hate’s it, at least I can blame Mike.  My BF reads the blog, so I’ll make sure to show it to you after Christmas.

In other news, I cheated on Starbucks today.  I knew I’d regret it, not only because I missed out on a star, but nothing compares.  I still drank it because it’s coffee and I don’t discriminate too much.

2012-12-15 11.16.33

Oh and I finally found a pair of boots I actually love.  They aren’t the kind I was originally looking for.  I stuck with the Ugg type since they go with everything and are super comfortable. 

2012-12-12 10.12.00

I randomly picked them up at Costco of all places.  They fit perfectly snug and I’m kinda in love with them.

2012-12-14 10.34.30

Speaking of fashion, I thought I’d share a few dresses I found on Pinterest.  It’s the perfect place to get ideas for the fashion challenged like moi.

LOVE the lace and color.  This is just hawt!!


The textured lace neckline is adorable and so is the plunging V. 


Love the flowy short dress with boots.  It’s very country chic.


The ultra low back on this dress is super sexy without being over the top.  I think Mike would like this one the best.


This simple dress is probably my favorite.  I adore everything about it.  Simple, sexy, always in style.


I’m really digging the short dress with a higher neckline paired with a stunning pair of heels.

Now if I only had somewhere fancy to wear one too. 

What style are you digging right now?

What kind of boots do you wear?

Do you consider yourself a fashionista or fashion challenged?


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